Rising American and recent ATP Tour Next Gen champion Brandon Nakashima has established himself in the next wave of young talent emerging onto the ATP Tour. Throughout his life, Brandon has trained his mind and body to seize any opportunity in front of him. Now, Brandon joins TopCourt to share his knowledge and teach you the skills and mentality that will get you ready for your breakthrough moment. Join Brandon to develop specific skills in your game with impactful drills, lessons on creating a match strategy, what he learned from training with Novak Djokovic, and much more.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Brandon’s TopCourt class:

Instruction: Brandon shares how a dominant return can give you a massive advantage in your next match. Brandon and Dusan Vemic dissect the “Ad Side Return” and teach you the fundamentals to success and the red flags to avoid when stepping into your shot.

Drills: In a series of four comprehensive drills, Brandon teaches you the different patterns, strategies, and shot selections that lead him to success. In his “Spread and Attack” drill, he shares his favorite backhand pattern and what to focus on to unleash its full effectiveness. His
“Slice to Forehand Attack” will help you get comfortable hitting and using a slice to your advantage. Brandon also teaches you how to turn defense into offense using your footwork and preparation in his “Create, Prepare, and Attack” drill. Lastly, he shares how a good kick serve on the ad side can get your opponent off the court and give you a chance to strike. The service strategy he coaches in this drill will help you increase your first serve percentage and catch your opponent off guard

Episodes: Get to know Brandon more through a series of nine ‘Episodes,’ where he opens up about his career. The ATP Tour Next Gen champion’s journey to success started at a young age, where he was introduced to the game by his grandpa at three years old. He has alway had a calm on-court demeanor, which clearly reflects his discipline and mentality. Listen as Brandon opens up about his decision and early desire to go to college, and how one year attending the University of Virginia developed his game and helped him mature off the court.
Following college, he had the game to back up his decision to take his chance on the professional tour. In his interview, he talks about what it takes to be a pro and the traits he saw in himself that told him he was ready. Brandon also shares strategies behind his game including match guides on what to look for in your opponents, how you can find a winning strategy, how he prepares for his big on-court moments, and the lessons he’s learned from coaches and other players that have impacted his game.

Behind the Scenes: Learn what Brandon plays with in his “Weapon of Choice” class and how he optimizes his nutrition to reach his goals in his “Fuel” class. You will get to know the good, the bad, and the hilarious from Brandon in his “Rapid Fire” segment, and get a first-hand look at the outtakes and what didn’t make the final cut of his class.

Kick & Strike: A good kick serve on the ad side can get your opponent off the court and give you the chance to strike. In this comprehensive class, Brandon shares a service strategy to up your first serve percentage and catch your opponent off guard.

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