The College Tennis Wall of Honor

College tennis is a team sport, and we cannot thank the individuals below enough for being on our team. Each individual below has donated to the ITA this fiscal year in support of our efforts to advance college tennis. From our staff, Board of Directors, coaches and student-athletes, thank you for your incredible generosity.

Named ITA Awards:

ITA David A Benjamin Achievement Award endowed by Stan and Margie Smith
Ann Lebedeff Leadership Award endowed by Billie Jean King
ITA Meritorious Service Award supported by Doug Conant

ITA Donors:

Donald Alger - CSUF
Buffie and Ray Anderson
Matt Anger
Andy Avram
Andrea Barnes
Joanna Bauza
Ray Benton
Kirtana Bhat
Steve Bickham
In Memory: Ann Valentine
Scott Bondurant
John and Lois Breaux
Cory Brooks
Richard and Julia Browne
Michael Bryant
Beverly Buckley
Jeff Burton
Kathryn and Stephen Butzlaff
Jordan Butler
Tiffany and Larry Cacciatore
Justin Cerny
Evan Charles
Grant Chen
Rick Chiricosta
David & Helen Clark - CSUF
Chris Combe
Doug Conant
Lauren Conching
Rachel and Timon Corwin
Roger Crawford
Carolyn Cruz
Eric Cruz
Rachel Dagen
Cory Dalos
Anthony DAngelo
Cath Davies
Joan and Bill Dutton
Jacob Dye
Caroline Eberhart
Ted Erck
Patty Fendick-McCain
Taylor Fendley
David Fish
Molly Fletcher
Jill and Doug Fonte

Eric Friedler
Randy Friend - CSUF
Ashlee Gardner
Barbara and Peter Georgescu
Anne and Dick Gould
Christine Grant
Stephen Griesemer
Sharlene and Neel Grover
Sally Grabham
Lawrence C. Halpin
Charlie Hoeveler
Matt Holt
Caroline Huey
Tom Jacobs
Erica Perkins Jasper
Mary Beth Jenkins
Cody Johnson
Rick Johnston
Julie Joyce
Stewart Keller
William Kellogg
Cinta Del Monaco Kemp
Stephen Kendall
Nicole Kenneally
Billie Jean King
Mark Kovacs
Betsy Kuhle
Patrick Kuhle
Holli and Shaheen Ladhani
Pippa Lane
John Lankford
Alex Lau
Ann Lebedeff
Tami Lewton
Vincent Liu
Robert Lyles III
Milwaukee Tennis Classic
Robert Madson
Lisa and Doug Malech
Nina Markham
David Martin
William McGugin
Sheila McInerney
Danielle and Christian McNamara
Benjamin Miller

Inge Miller
Andy Mouer
David Mullins
Jim Musgrave
Linda Nathan
Eveline Lindqvist Nilsson
Jose Nino - CSUF
Alex O'Brien
Edwin Parham
Rosalie Passovoy - CSUF
Billy Pate
Corey Pegram
Courtney Potkey
Jason Ramski
Trish Riddell
Gerald Rosen
Claire Roth
Roland Thornqvist
Jill and Timothy Russell
Stephanie Savides
Denny Schackter
William Schuster - CSUF
Wendy Shpiz
Courtney Shuster
Jill Siegel
Alison Silverio
Margie and Stan Smith
Lisa Smith
Neil Stenton - CSUF
Jeff Strong
Meredith and Robert Swift
Paul Torricelli
Brian Vahaly
Tommy Valentini
Brent Vander Ark
Judy Van Horn
Shari and Jon Vegosen
Kori Voorhees
Bruce Waschuk
Karin Weiner
Ryan Wenger
Rochelle and Scott Whelan
John Whitlinger
Denise and John Wright
Cynthia and Stuart Zimmer