After two weeks of play, the Summer Circuit Points Race is continuing to heat up as there have been 48 separate winners across 49 events making for a very crowded leaderboard.

Made up of numerous current collegiate athletes from across the country, the first two weeks of the ITA Tennis-Point Summer Circuit powered by Universal Tennis have already seen well over 1,000 players compete across 18 states around the country.

Below is a complete list of the current Summer Circuit Points Race leaders:

Men’s Points Race Standings

Women’s Points Race Standings

Collegiate Student-Athletes Excel In First Two Weeks of Summer Circuit Play

After two weeks of play, current collegiate student-athletes dominate the leaderboard of the 2022 Summer Circuit Points Race standings. Currently, 28 of the 48 event winners from around the country have come from the collegiate level. This success has come from all levels of college tennis as well with players from Division I, Division III, and JUCO institutions winning events over the first two weeks.

In week two specifically, seven men’s student-athletes won their respectivie event, including the likes of Luke Baylis (Michigan State), Ryan Mudre (Chattanooga), and Alred Wallin (Belmont). On the Women’s side of play, three current student-athletes picked up wins including; Sena Selby (CMS), Grace Schumacher (South Florida), and Kelly Rabjohns (Northwestern).

Looking Towards Week Three

Beggining in week three, it is typical to start to see some more seperation in the Summer Circuit Points Race standings as more and more players win events and add points to their total.

With nine more men’s and women’s events slated for the weekend, week three of the ITA Tennis-Point Summer Circuit powered by Universal Tennis will see competition across eight states including the likes of Alabama, Texas, and California. If you want to play in a future Summer Circuit event this summer you can visit the Summer Circuit Homepage to register.
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