ITA Division I Men’s Team, Singles, and Doubles Rankings – March 9


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After a busy weekend of play, a brand new ITA Division I Men’s Ranking is now out including a Top-75 Team Ranking, Top-125 Singles Ranking, as well as a Top-80 Doubles Ranking which is newly expanded this week. 

Within the team portion of the rankings, Tennessee reclaims the No. 1 position in the Mar. 9 ITA DI Men’s Team Rankings after picking up three wins on the week including two ranked wins over SEC foes Mississippi State (previous No. 24) and Ole Miss (previous No. 14). 

Only two teams remain unbeaten to this point in the season as both Utah (No. 22) and Montana (No. 69) have combined to go 25-0 to start the 2022 spring season. 

In the Singles Rankings, Ben Shelton from the University of Florida takes over the top spot, jumping Arthur Fery who comes in at No. 2 in the Mar. 9 release. 

North Carolina’s Ben Cernoch moved up 25 spots since the Feb. 24 ITA DI Men’s Singles Rankings after taking down four ranked opponents over his past four matches. 

Doubles sees the Ohio State duo of Robert Cash and Matej Vocel rank No. 1 as they are now 22-3 as a pair on the season.

The third-ranked TCU Horned Frogs are well represented in the Mar. 9 Doubles Rankings as three teams currently rank within the Top-Five of the Rankings.

For more information on how these computerized rankings are calculated, head over to our ITA Rankings Explained page which provides information on the algorithm and other factors used to determine these National Team Rankings.

DI Men’s National Team Ranking – March 9, 2022

1University Of Tennessee, Knoxville14-288.3652
2Ohio State University13-181.3733
3Texas Christian University13-275.6141
4University Of Florida9-269.8155
5Baylor University15-169.7254
6Wake Forest University18-457.5277
7University Of South Carolina12-356.5526
8University Of Georgia10-352.32722
9University Of Southern California8-352.13810
10Stanford University9-250.2788
11University Of Michigan7-249.83626
12University Of Kentucky10-448.5459
13Harvard University8-246.96411
14University Of Virginia8-544.74518
15University Of Texas, Austin7-637.72713
16Columbia University8-336.96517
17Florida State University10-336.6329
18University Of Arizona13-435.91528
19Northwestern University10-234.85512
20University Of Mississippi10-434.72714
21University Of Notre Dame11-434.62932
22University Of Utah16-033.3223
23Middle Tennessee State University15-332.28615
24University Of Miami10-232.07521
25Auburn University11-230.13325
26University Of Memphis8-227.23230
27Pepperdine University6-427.04219
28Texas A&M University8-526.80933
29North Carolina State University10-425.43520
30Princeton University10-524.56234
31UNC Chapel Hill6-524.02827
32Mississippi State University10-52424
33Texas Tech University10-523.70236
34University Of Tulsa9-423.33331
35University Of Oklahoma11-32316
36University Of Louisville10-421.21245
37University Of San Diego6-220.81235
38University Of Louisiana11-120.27137
39Southern Methodist University8-318.08641
40Duke University8-417.1840
41Vanderbilt University8-216.87953
42Virginia Commonwealth University7-616.11939
43University Of California, Berkeley5-315.25438
44University Of Oregon6-514.51252
45University Of Washington10-314.41767
47University Of Pennsylvania8-113.8650
48Old Dominion University6-413.42943
49UNC Charlotte7-412.6149
50Louisiana State University7-411.51542
51Georgia Tech5-611.48144
52Gonzaga University7-31161
53Clemson University6-510.87548
54Florida Atlantic University9-110.78255
55University Of Denver5-59.93346
56University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville9-69.88957
57University Of California, Santa Barbara9-49.50656
58University Of Central Florida3-99.36347
59University Of Wisconsin, Madison6-5963
60University Of Texas, San Antonio7-48.60560
61Cornell University8-38.57151
62Tulane University4-68.39554
63University Of Illinois4-88.27258
64Liberty University4-67.91372
65University Of South Florida5-57.20469
66Boise State University8-57.143NR
67Cal Poly8-36.935NR
68University Of North Florida7-46.60868
69University Of Montana5-06.662
70Montana State U/Bozeman8-46.52964
71University Of New Mexico5-56.264NR
72Wichita State University8-66.078NR
73East Tennessee State University8-45.9174
74Utah State University5-55.74NR
75Michigan State University10-35.69475

DI Men’s Top 125 National Singles Ranking – March 9, 2022

1Ben SheltonUniversity Of Florida19-33
2Arthur FeryStanford University17-22
3Clement ChidekhUniversity Of Washington18-31
4Johannus MondayUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville19-36
5Matej VocelOhio State University18-45
6August HolmgrenUniversity Of San Diego14-48
7Stefan DostanicUniversity Of Southern California25-44
8Cannon KingsleyOhio State University13-210
9Alex KotzenColumbia University19-87
10Gabriel DialloUniversity Of Kentucky21-39
11Jj TracyOhio State University24-411
12Juan Carlos AguilarTexas Christian University14-816
13Daniel De JongePepperdine University18-613
14Luc FombaTexas Christian University14-614
15Chris RodeschUniversity Of Virginia14-721
16Daniel RodriguesUniversity Of South Carolina13-319
17Andre IlaganUniversity Of Hawaii15-615
18Adam WaltonUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville10-332
19Hamish StewartUniversity Of Georgia19-822
20Pierre-Yves BaillyUniversity Of Texas, Austin6-517
21Nikola SlavicUniversity Of Mississippi15-518
22Brian CernochUNC Chapel Hill12-773
23Henry SchulenburgHarvard University16-520
24Andres MartinGeorgia Tech18-912
25Florian BroskaMississippi State University18-539
26James TrotterOhio State University15-333
27Matias SotoBaylor University10-3110
28Murphy CassoneArizona State University10-727
29Brian ShiHarvard University16-430
30Peter MakkUniversity Of Southern California15-626
31Tristan McCormickUniversity Of Georgia13-447
32Richard CiamarraUniversity Of Texas, Austin13-4114
33Alafia AyeniCornell University10-534
34Filippo MoroniWake Forest University25-643
35Harris WalkerHarvard University17-525
36Colton SmithUniversity Of Arizona18-771
37Joshua LapadatUniversity Of Kentucky17-590
38Micah BraswellUniversity Of Texas, Austin17-972
39George HarwellVanderbilt University13-654
40Philip HenningUniversity Of Georgia15-844
41Sven LahBaylor University14-542
42Adrian BoitanBaylor University12-128
43Kody PearsonUniversity Of Tulsa8-492
44Axel NefveUniversity Of Notre Dame10-595
45Mason BeilerUniversity Of Oklahoma20-829
46Inaki Montes de la TorreUniversity Of Virginia9-248
47Aleksa BucanUniversity Of Arkansas, Fayetteville13-637
48Andrew RogersPepperdine University16-824
49Jacob FearnleyTexas Christian University11-423
50Ronnie HohmannLouisiana State University6-435
51Pietro FellinPepperdine University17-1049
52Diego NavaXavier University/OH17-252
53Eduardo NavaWake Forest University13-462
54Ryan GoetzUniversity Of Virginia12-557
55Emile HuddUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville16-451
56Sam RifficeUniversity Of Florida6-463
57Andrew FentyUniversity Of Michigan7-5NR
58Jeffrey von der SchulenburgUniversity Of Virginia15-461
59Max BasingStanford University12-383
60Francois MusitelliUniversity Of Kentucky18-869
61Trey HilderbrandUniversity Of Central Florida12-1555
62Olivier StuartUniversity Of Illinois6-6108
63Ondrej StylerUniversity Of Michigan8-3NR
64Mark MandlikUniversity Of Oklahoma22-688
65Tim ZeitvogelPepperdine University13-8111
66Dominik BartonUniversity Of North Florida6-246
67Steven FormanNorthwestern University11-3NR
68Alex MartinezUniversity Of Oklahoma14-6NR
69Francisco RochaMiddle Tennessee State University16-5115
70Lodewijk WeststrateUniversity Of Southern California10-1040
71Emmanuel CosteUniversity Of California, Irvine8-686
72Jacob BickerstethUniversity Of Michigan13-775
73Lui MaxtedTexas Christian University12-778
74Herman HoeyeraalUniversity Of Arizona15-782
75Michael SunYale University11-867
76Christopher BulusUniversity Of Nevada, Las Vegas11-431
77Alexander HoogmartensUCLA8-459
78Jurabek KarimovWake Forest University4-865
79Joshua CharltonUniversity Of Oregon16-681
80Jonas Eriksson ZivertsUniversity Of Arizona7-12102
81Nemanja MalesevicMississippi State University14-774
82Loris PourroyFlorida State University9-553
83Tyler SticeAuburn University11-687
84Trent BrydeUniversity Of Georgia10-979
85Ryan SeggermanPrinceton University10-5107
86Toby SamuelUniversity Of South Carolina19-641
87Ewen LumsdenUniversity Of Washington15-566
88Robin CatryNorth Carolina State University14-6101
89Alexander JongTexas Christian University13-5123
90Isaac BecroftLoyola Marymount University5-385
91Yuta KikuchiUniversity Of California, Berkeley11-9NR
92Etienne DonnetUniversity Of Louisville9-5NR
93Andres AndradeUniversity Of Florida16-636
94Fabien SalleArizona State University8-856
95Alexandre RecoUniversity Of Arkansas, Fayetteville8-538
96Francois Le TallecOld Dominion University11-460
97Alexandre RotsaertStanford University7-594
98Raphael PerotTexas A&M University13-750
99Dan MartinUniversity Of Miami19-5117
100Trice PickensNorthwestern University16-3112
101Chris EdgeMiddle Tennessee State University20-4NR
102Axel GellerStanford University5-3NR
103Ryan FishbackVirginia Tech14-868
104Jan Soren HainUniversity Of Mississippi8-5NR
105Patrick ZahrajUCLA10-3NR
106Marvin SchaberUniversity Of San Diego10-5NR
107Karl PolingPrinceton University13-11NR
108Jordan HassonUniversity Of Oklahoma21-770
109Duarte ValeUniversity Of Florida6-6NR
110Tad MacleanAuburn University18-845
111Siddhant BanthiaWake Forest University14-3NR
112Inigo Torre MartinVirginia Commonwealth University18-11NR
113Jeremy TaylorUniversity Of Memphis10-10NR
114Nicolas OcanaUniversity Of Portland2-0NR
115Stijn SlumpMiddle Tennessee State University17-980
116Bradley FryeUniversity Of Southern California12-11122
117Hunter HeckUniversity Of Illinois15-9NR
118Geronimo BusleimanUniversity Of Utah19-2NR
119Nate BonettoUniversity Of Florida18-3NR
120Axel Vila AntunaSaint John’s University/NY10-397
121Corrado SummariaPepperdine University19-5NR
122Hugo HashimotoColumbia University8-1296
123Aryan ChaudharyStanford University16-7NR
124Jan GalkaAuburn University17-6100
125Teodor GiuscaClemson University16-4NR

DI Men’s Top 80 Doubles Ranking – March 9, 2022

1Robert Cash / Matej VocelOhio State University22-31
2Lukas Engelhardt / Finn ReynoldsUniversity Of Mississippi10-16
3Justin Boulais / James TrotterOhio State University9-62
4Alexander Jong / Lui MaxtedTexas Christian University10-115
5Lui Maxted / Pedro Vives MarcosTexas Christian University9-13
6Jacob Fearnley / Luc FombaTexas Christian University10-35
7Arthur Fery / Alexandre RotsaertStanford University15-47
8Brian Cernoch / Mac KigerUNC Chapel Hill11-64
9Jordan Chrysostom / Ryan FishbackVirginia Tech6-233
10Nino Ehrenschneider / Andrew FentyUniversity Of Michigan12-314
11Ryan Goetz / Chris RodeschUniversity Of Virginia9-117
12Richard Ciamarra / Cleeve HarperUniversity Of Texas, Austin15-638
13Andres Martin / Marcus McDanielGeorgia Tech16-58
14Stefan Dostanic / Bradley FryeUniversity Of Southern California12-810
15Martins Rocens / Fons Van SambeekNorth Carolina State University13-451
16Emile Hudd / Shunsuke MitsuiUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville17-59
17Yuta Kikuchi / Carl Emil OverbeckUniversity Of California, Berkeley11-312
18Jake Finn Bass / Sven LahBaylor University13-619
19Max Westphal / Theo WinegarColumbia University8-329
20Daniel Milavsky / Brian ShiHarvard University12-720
21Joshua Charlton / Quinn VandecasteeleUniversity Of Oregon14-216
22David Stevenson / Jeremy TaylorUniversity Of Memphis12-318
23Franco Aubone / Benjamin HannestadUniversity Of Miami12-627
24Siddhant Banthia / Jakob SchnaitterWake Forest University10-628
25Robin Catry / Luca StaeheliNorth Carolina State University8-034
26Justin Barki / Ryan SeggermanPrinceton University7-235
27Trent Bryde / Philip HenningUniversity Of Georgia8-641
28Filip Planinsek / German SamofalovUniversity Of Alabama5-3NR
29Jamie Connel / Ivan MitricFurman University15-2NR
30Daniel Rodrigues / Connor ThomsonUniversity Of South Carolina10-313
31Alafia Ayeni / Vladislav MelnicCornell University11-2NR
32Arthur Fery / Axel GellerStanford University2-021
33Abedallah Shelbayh / Mattias SiimarUniversity Of Florida7-332
34Clement Chidekh / Nedim SukoUniversity Of Washington9-236
35Hunter Heck / Lucas HorveUniversity Of Illinois11-940
36Siddhant Banthia / Juan Lopez De AzconaWake Forest University5-031
37Leyton Cronje / Bogdan PavelUniversity Of Central Florida7-230
38Charles Bertimon / Maxence BertimonVirginia Commonwealth University13-544
39Ryuhei Azuma / Teodor GiuscaClemson University7-322
40Bar Botzer / Chris RodeschUniversity Of Virginia4-2NR
41Hunter Robbins / Carles SarrioFlorida Atlantic University10-3NR
42Matthew Che / Axel NefveUniversity Of Notre Dame5-4NR
43Eduardo Nava / Matthew ThomsonWake Forest University3-2NR
44Aleksandar Petrovic / Patrik TrhacIdaho State University6-137
45Pat Harper / Adam WaltonUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville7-457
46Austin Abbrat / Noah SchachterTexas A&M University8-950
47Oskar Brostrom Poulsen / Francisco RochaMiddle Tennessee State University12-323
48Chris Rodesch / William WoodallUniversity Of Virginia4-353
49Eleftherios Neos / Sema PankinUniversity Of Portland8-352
50Ondrej Styler / Gavin YoungUniversity Of Michigan3-2NR
51Eliot Spizzirri / Siem WoldeabUniversity Of Texas, Austin4-246
52Jj Bianchi / Max MotlaghBoston College7-339
53Bryce Pereira / Patrick ZahrajUCLA3-2NR
54Andres Andrade / Mattias SiimarUniversity Of Florida10-2NR
55Tristan McCormick / Hamish StewartUniversity Of Georgia9-460
56Trey Hilderbrand / Cooper WhiteUniversity Of Central Florida5-5NR
57Casey Kania / Logan ZappUNC Chapel Hill16-625
58Philip Henning / Hamish StewartUniversity Of Georgia6-559
59Max McKennon / Fabien SalleArizona State University6-548
60Leyton Cronje / Cooper WhiteUniversity Of Central Florida1-2NR
61Liam Draxl / Millen HurrionUniversity Of Kentucky5-226
62Blake Croyder / Erik GreveliusUniversity Of Georgia13-742
63Inaki Montes de la Torre / Jeffrey von der SchulenburgUniversity Of Virginia3-2NR
64Baptiste Anselmo / Mark MandlikUniversity Of Oklahoma7-4NR
65Nemanja Malesevic / Davide TortoraMississippi State University13-555
66August Holmgren / Guilherme OsorioUniversity Of San Diego5-143
67Filippo Moroni / Eduardo NavaWake Forest University5-1NR
68Arjun Honnappa / Fynn LohseWestern Michigan University4-4NR
69Welsh Hotard / Alex MartinezUniversity Of Oklahoma13-2NR
T70Sebastian Nothhaft / Tyler ZinkOklahoma State University1-0NR
T70Pat Harper / Johannus MondayUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville1-0NR
72Carlos Hassey / Colton SmithUniversity Of Arizona8-6NR
73Ben Draper / Robert MaciagWake Forest University10-5NR
74Andrei Duarte / Roberts GrinvaldsGeorgia State University15-756
75Jack Davis / Brandon WongUniversity Of Washington9-7NR
76Michael Ross / Siim TroostVanderbilt University10-8NR
77Johannus Monday / Mark WallnerUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville7-0NR
78Stefanos Savva / Coy SimonUNC Charlotte10-845
79Andres Andrade / Duarte ValeUniversity Of Florida1-1NR
80Juan Pablo Grassi Mazzuchi / Matias SotoBaylor University11-224
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