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After a busy week of conference play for most, a brand new ITA Division I Men’s Ranking is now out including a Top-75 Team Ranking, Top-125 Singles Ranking, as well as a Top-80 Doubles Ranking which is newly expanded this week. 

In the Team Rankings, North Carolina remains atop the poll, well ahead of North Carolina State (No. 2) and Oklahoma (No. 3) who round out the Top-Three. 

Washington is back in the Top-20 of the Mar. 9 Team Rankings after a strong showing against Arizona (previous No. 44) and Arizona State (previous No. 17) to give the Huskies their first Arizona road trip sweep since 2004. 

In Singles, Daria Frayman of Princeton takes over the top spot in the Rankings, overtaking Sarah Hamner of South Carolina since the Feb. 24 Singles Rankings.

Emma Navarro continues to climb up the Singles Rankings as the Virginia standout and 2021 NCAA Singles Champion climbed 23 spots since the previous rankings to now be ranked No. 5 in the Mar. 9 Singles Rankings. 

Doubles play sees Fiona Crawley and Elizabeth Scotty come in at the No. 1 ranking. The Tar Heel tandem is now 16-4 on the season.

For more information on how these computerized rankings are calculated, head over to our ITA Rankings Explained page which provides information on the algorithm and other factors used to determine these National Team Rankings.

DI Women’s National Team Ranking – March 9, 2022

1UNC Chapel Hill15-0881
2North Carolina State University14-179.4312
3University Of Oklahoma14-176.4513
4Ohio State University7-370.0744
5Duke University8-161.8639
6Pepperdine University7-360.8156
7Oklahoma State University9-160.1967
8University Of Texas, Austin9-359.5965
9Auburn University11-257.11511
10University Of California, Berkeley7-553.24210
11Texas A&M University16-151.7318
12University Of Miami8-248.16114
13University Of Virginia10-345.3712
15University Of Florida8-339.64313
16University Of Tennessee, Knoxville8-236.32723
17University Of Washington11-434.98633
18Wake Forest University9-434.75415
19University Of Alabama12-233.38741
20University Of Southern California7-732.34721
21Stanford University7-230.18225
22University Of Central Florida7-629.46332
23University Of Georgia5-227.22236
24University Of Kansas7-426.67639
25University Of California, Santa Barbara8-526.36529
26Furman University8-526.06619
27Loyola Marymount University5-125.16438
28Iowa State University9-025.1426
29University Of Utah12-224.82527
30Arizona State University8-324.67717
31Old Dominion University8-524.11924
32University Of Michigan5-423.7518
33Baylor University9-423.08320
34Texas Tech University7-422.76934
35University Of Notre Dame8-519.49335
36Georgia Tech6-418.16937
37Florida International University7-21830
38Columbia University9-317.31343
39Vanderbilt University8-317.14322
40University Of Tulsa9-317.11531
41UNC Charlotte8-216.32140
42University Of Wisconsin, Madison7-416.26153
43University Of Kentucky11-315.43528
44Northwestern University5-414.38942
45University Of Minnesota11-314.35145
46University Of San Diego6-313.69247
47University Of Memphis12-412.81248
48University Of Denver7-412.551
49University Of Nebraska6-411.06767
50University Of Oregon8-411.01449
51University Of Arizona10-310.93244
52University Of Mississippi6-410.81146
53Kansas State University6-410.182NR
54Southern Methodist University7-610.17155
55Michigan State University7-210.11462
56Virginia Commonwealth University10-210.06750
57Princeton University3-78.36661
58Brigham Young University5-77.90260
59University Of South Carolina6-57.40652
60University Of Illinois7-57.40357
61Florida State University6-57.31354
62Florida Gulf Coast University5-47.19370
63University Of Pennsylvania7-47.086NR
64Mississippi State University8-56.82956
65University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville8-36.62258
66California State University, Fresno8-36.36259
67Penn State University5-66.08563
68San Diego State University6-36.029NR
69Boston College5-46NR
70Florida Atlantic University7-65.918NR
71Rice University7-35.90865
72University Of Louisville7-45.84665
73University Of Delaware8-25.68174
74Cal Poly6-45.65564
75University Of South Alabama7-25.54968

DI Women’s Top 125 National Singles Ranking – March 9, 2022

1Daria FraymanPrinceton University18-52
2Sarah HamnerUniversity Of South Carolina26-41
3Alexa NoelUniversity Of Iowa7-23
4Irina Cantos SiemersOhio State University22-76
5Emma NavarroUniversity Of Virginia10-028
6Eryn CayetanoUniversity Of Southern California24-85
7Peyton StearnsUniversity Of Texas, Austin12-14
8Chloe BeckDuke University20-611
9Cameron MorraUNC Chapel Hill13-77
10Reilly TranUNC Chapel Hill20-210
11Connie MaStanford University17-418
12Jaeda DanielNorth Carolina State University15-129
13Kari MillerUniversity Of Michigan16-78
14Alexandra YepifanovaStanford University18-517
15Elizabeth ScottyUNC Chapel Hill13-113
16Petra HuleFlorida State University16-533
17Layne SleethUniversity Of Oklahoma14-614
18Shiori FukudaPepperdine University22-421
19Isabelle BoulaisOhio State University11-631
20Margarita SkriabinaTexas Tech University17-616
21Victoria HuPrinceton University18-1126
22Lisa ZaarPepperdine University25-712
23Georgia DrummyDuke University12-719
24Carson TanguiligUNC Chapel Hill20-425
25Mell ReascoUniversity Of Georgia16-522
26Natasha SubhashUniversity Of Virginia17-715
27Abigail RencheliNorth Carolina State University16-1224
28Fiona CrawleyUNC Chapel Hill30-435
29Salma EwingUniversity Of Southern California14-936
30Alana SmithNorth Carolina State University7-220
31Rebeka MertenaUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville17-1130
32McCartney KesslerUniversity Of Florida8-549
33Yulia StarodubtsevaOld Dominion University17-537
34Mananchaya SawangkaewOklahoma State University14-229
35Tiphanie FiquetUniversity Of Mississippi8-232
36Carmen CorleyUniversity Of Oklahoma10-734
37Tatiana MakarovaTexas A&M University15-241
38Kylie CollinsUniversity Of Texas, Austin17-740
39Taisiya PachkalevaPepperdine University9-623
40Lisa Marie RiouxOklahoma State University4-150
41Carson BranstineTexas A&M University5-427
42Abigail ForbesUCLA8-3115
43Sydni RatliffOhio State University17-775
44Ivana CorleyUniversity Of Oklahoma17-738
45Tenika McGiffinUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville13-739
46Anna RossVanderbilt University12-443
47Kit GulihurUniversity Of North Florida13-266
48Victoria FloresPepperdine University7-945
49Lea MaUniversity Of Georgia11-542
50Elaine ChervinskyUniversity Of Virginia15-955
51Julia AdamsFurman University13-954
52Carolyn CampanaWake Forest University8-1244
53Jessica AlsolaUniversity Of California, Berkeley23-548
54Ariana ArseneaultAuburn University18-652
55Marlee ZeinUniversity Of Florida10-1147
56Daevenia AchongUniversity Of Miami16-967
57Selin OvuncAuburn University9-1060
58Eden RichardsonUniversity Of Miami12-981
59Maria TitovaUniversity Of Kansas15-563
60Snow HanUniversity Of Southern California25-756
61Jaedan BrownUniversity Of Michigan17-10107
62Paola Exposito Diaz-DelgadoVirginia Commonwealth University16-571
63Mariia KozyrevaSaint Mary’s College/CA15-346
64Anessa LeeVanderbilt University16-792
65Brianna ShvetsPrinceton University11-964
66Ayana AkliUniversity Of South Carolina18-1474
67Thasaporn NakloIowa State University16-651
68Evgeniya LevashovaUniversity Of Central Florida10-1261
69Elysia BoltonUCLA6-2NR
70Avelina SayfetdinovaTexas Tech University15-662
71Meg KowalskiUniversity Of Georgia11-458
72Alexandra ViktorovichOld Dominion University17-680
73Elza TomaseUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville21-757
74Casie WootenWake Forest University19-784
75Loudmilla BencheikhUniversity Of Alabama13-5NR
76Andrea CerdanUniversity Of Michigan15-7113
77Carol LeeGeorgia Tech16-372
78Solymar CollingUniversity Of San Diego11-959
79Sabina MachalovaUniversity Of Mississippi15-8105
80Mary StoianaTexas A&M University18-391
81Mila SaricCollege Of William & Mary16-4NR
82Oona OrpanaOklahoma State University9-582
83Laylo BakhodirovaEast Tennessee State University17-6118
84Emma JacksonDuke University17-853
85Elise MillsUniversity Of South Carolina16-868
86Valencia XuStanford University16-165
87Clarissa HandNorthwestern University11-770
88Janice TjenPepperdine University11-588
89Ena BabicLouisiana State University8-493
90Kylie BilchevGeorgia Tech11-773
91Shakhnoza KhatamovaUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara15-9NR
92Fernanda LabranaUniversity Of Texas, Austin3-076
93Nicole HammondUniversity Of Michigan16-6NR
94Emmanouela AntonakiMississippi State University15-1069
95Malaika RapoluUniversity Of Texas, Austin10-683
96Iuliia BryzgalovaUniversity Of Pennsylvania14-486
97Linda HuangUniversity Of Utah17-7NR
98Nikki RedelijkPepperdine University13-797
99Bunyawi ThamchaiwatSan Diego State University15-2NR
100Marie MattelUniversity Of Central Florida14-16114
101Page FreemanUniversity Of Notre Dame13-9NR
102Petra SedlackovaUniversity Of Alabama19-3124
103Haley GiavaraUniversity Of California, Berkeley8-9NR
104Csilla FodorPurdue University23-377
105Yasmine KabbajFlorida International University12-5NR
106Sabina ZeynalovaUniversity Of Texas, Austin9-0NR
107Katja WiersholmUniversity Of California, Berkeley13-094
108Carlota MolinaUniversity Of Kentucky8-1189
109Savannah BroadusPepperdine University19-7117
110Anaelle Leclercq-FicherUniversity Of Mississippi11-6NR
111Xinyu CaiUniversity Of Wisconsin, Madison12-878
112Isabella PfennigUniversity Of Miami14-1285
113Dasha VidmanovaUniversity Of Georgia6-199
114Carolyn AnsariAuburn University19-6104
115Kimmi HanceUCLA8-4111
116Tamara RacineMississippi State University7-8NR
117Tatsiana SasnouskayaOld Dominion University15-9125
118Valeriya ZelevaUniversity Of Central Florida5-998
119Nell MillerNorth Carolina State University13-2112
120Margaux MaquetUNC Charlotte7-987
121Akanksha BhanColumbia University9-1190
122Ania HertelUniversity Of Georgia12-3101
123Alina ShcherbininaBaylor University17-2122
124Malkia NgounoueUniversity Of Kansas15-9121
125Abigail DesiatnikovUniversity Of San Diego17-695

DI Women’s Top 80 Doubles Ranking – March 9, 2022

1Fiona Crawley / Elizabeth ScottyUNC Chapel Hill16-42
2Tatsiana Sasnouskaya / Yulia StarodubtsevaOld Dominion University23-65
3Jayci Goldsmith / Tatiana MakarovaTexas A&M University21-43
4Carmen Corley / Ivana CorleyUniversity Of Oklahoma16-34
5Alicia Herrero Linana / Melany KrywojBaylor University17-21
6Carly Briggs / Marlee ZeinUniversity Of Florida15-710
7Angelica Blake / Connie MaStanford University14-421
8Anna Brylin / Brooke KillingsworthWake Forest University14-76
9Savannah Broadus / Janice TjenPepperdine University14-215
10Daria Kuczer / Tenika McGiffinUniversity Of Tennessee, Knoxville6-38
11Emma Navarro / Amber ODellUniversity Of Virginia6-17
12Carol Lee / Kate SharaburaGeorgia Tech17-318
13Kylie Bilchev / Ava HrastarGeorgia Tech10-316
14Victoria Flores / Lisa ZaarPepperdine University7-711
15Irina Cantos Siemers / Sydni RatliffOhio State University13-531
16Daevenia Achong / Eden RichardsonUniversity Of Miami15-640
17Daria Frayman / Grace JoycePrinceton University9-49
18Alicia Dudeney / Bente SpeeUniversity Of Florida13-212
19Kit Gulihur / Ana Paula MeliloUniversity Of North Florida8-213
20Sarah Hamner / Misa MalkinUniversity Of South Carolina3-224
21Ariana Arseneault / Selin OvuncAuburn University11-544
22Ayumi Miyamoto / Lisa Marie RiouxOklahoma State University7-026
23Ava Catanzarite / Abigail ForbesUCLA5-330
24Julia Adams / Ellie SchoppeFurman University7-323
25Amelia Rajecki / Abigail RencheliNorth Carolina State University9-751
26Melodie Collard / Hibah ShaikhUniversity Of Virginia8-414
27Carson Branstine / Mary StoianaTexas A&M University8-0NR
28Morgan Cross / Tatum RiceUniversity Of Arkansas, Fayetteville14-442
29Salma Ewing / Snow HanUniversity Of Southern California10-719
30Maria Budin / Diae El JardiRice University7-2NR
31Margaux Maquet / Lucia QuiterioUNC Charlotte11-1NR
32Alle Sanford / Reilly TranUNC Chapel Hill15-320
33Elysia Bolton / Elise WagleUCLA6-228
34Madison Dillon / Ellie SchulsonFurman University7-2NR
35Chloe Beck / Margaryta BilokinDuke University9-432
36Maria Olivia Castedo / Page FreemanUniversity Of Notre Dame6-1NR
37Haley Giavara / Valentina IvanovUniversity Of California, Berkeley12-559
38Mananchaya Sawangkaew / Martina ZeruloOklahoma State University8-158
39Petra Hule / Lesedi JacobsFlorida State University5-229
40Victoria Flores / Janice TjenPepperdine University3-134
41Iuliia Bryzgalova / Marija CurnicUniversity Of Pennsylvania11-541
42Jaeda Daniel / Nell MillerNorth Carolina State University12-116
43Xinyu Cai / Alina MukhortovaUniversity Of Wisconsin, Madison8-335
44Jordan Harris / Mariia KozyrevaSaint Mary’s College/CA4-046
45Shiori Ito / Sofia TreshchevaSyracuse University5-1NR
46Jessica Alsola / Erin RichardsonUniversity Of California, Berkeley8-445
47Jessica Alsola / Katja WiersholmUniversity Of California, Berkeley4-0NR
48Paola Exposito Diaz-Delgado / Laura Garcia AstudilloVirginia Commonwealth University7-0NR
49Eryn Cayetano / Grace PiperUniversity Of Southern California11-7NR
50Charlotte Chavatipon / Kylie CollinsUniversity Of Texas, Austin5-236
51Melodie Collard / Emma NavarroUniversity Of Virginia1-043
52Magda Adaloglou / Chloe CirotteMississippi State University12-539
53Ludmila Kareisova / Kelsey MizeUniversity Of Mississippi6-322
54Emily Dush / Anastasia GoncharovaUniversity Of Utah12-1NR
55Sofia Cabezas / Miska KadleckovaIowa State University14-437
56Patricija Spaka / Domenika TurkovicArizona State University9-149
57Evgeniya Levashova / Marie MattelUniversity Of Central Florida3-2NR
58Jaeda Daniel / Alana SmithNorth Carolina State University6-147
59Jessie Gong / Chelsea KungYale University13-6NR
60Ayana Akli / Misa MalkinUniversity Of South Carolina1-048
61Amelia Honer / Kira ReuterUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara10-3NR
62Morgan Coppoc / Ania HertelUniversity Of Georgia4-3NR
63Ayumi Miyamoto / Mananchaya SawangkaewOklahoma State University3-0NR
T64Vanessa Ong / Elise WagleUCLA3-3NR
T64Guillermina Grant / Mell ReascoUniversity Of Georgia1-0NR
66Shakhnoza Khatamova / Elizaveta VolodkoUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara12-3NR
67Liz Stefancic / Emma VanderheydenMarshall University13-4NR
68Alexandra Pisareva / Layne SleethUniversity Of Oklahoma13-525
69Carlota Molina / Elizabeth StevensUniversity Of Kentucky7-2NR
70Loudmilla Bencheikh / Anne Marie HiserUniversity Of Alabama17-633
71Andrea Di Palma / Rhea VermaUniversity Of Louisville10-3NR
72Diana Khodan / Maya TahanUniversity Of Miami13-638
73Sofia Munera / Amber ODellUniversity Of Virginia4-1NR
74Marie Mattel / Nandini SharmaUniversity Of Central Florida8-7NR
75Maria Aguiar / Laura LopezBoston College13-5NR
76Samantha Martinelli / Casie WootenWake Forest University14-6NR
77Lucia Quiterio / Ruxi SchechUNC Charlotte5-2NR
78Yufei Long / Anna RossVanderbilt University2-1NR
79Karolina Berankova / Georgia DrummyDuke University7-6NR
80Fiona Crawley / Reilly TranUNC Chapel Hill4-054
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