North Carolina Remains No. 1 In Latest ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings


After picking up two more conference victories this past week, the North Carolina Tar Heels remain atop of the ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings, sitting just above in-state rival NC State who come in at No. 2 in the Mar. 2 rankings. 

Now 13-0 on the season, the Tar Heels were once again put to the test this past week, fighting back after dropping the doubles point and four first sets against Notre Dame to win 6-1 in the match. 

UCLA (No. 16) was one of the biggest movers in this week’s rankings rising up 40 spots since the Feb. 23 Team Rankings after taking down California (Previous No. 6) and Southern California (Previous No. 12) this past week.  

Furman (No. 19) and Stanford (No. 25) were two other newcomers to the Top-25 as each picked up statement wins this past week to skyrocket up the Mar. 2 Team Rankings. 

The ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Women’s Team Rankings feature the nation’s Top 75 teams. For more information on how the rankings are calculated and the algorithm used in the calculations, be sure to check out this post.

DI Women’s National Team Rankings – March 2, 2022

1UNC Chapel Hill13-089.121
2North Carolina State University11-178.6862
3University Of Oklahoma13-172.3923
4Ohio State University6-367.2554
5University Of Texas, Austin8-360.4595
6Pepperdine University6-357.3338
7Oklahoma State University9-156.86310
8Texas A&M University14-153.0777
9Duke University6-151.62714
10University Of California, Berkeley6-546.4636
11Auburn University9-244.19211
12University Of Virginia10-143.1379
13University Of Florida7-242.98113
14University Of Miami7-14015
15Wake Forest University8-334.38618
17Arizona State University7-230.90932
18University Of Michigan5-328.91716
19Furman University8-528.7342
20Baylor University6-428.68617
21University Of Southern California6-627.69912
22Vanderbilt University8-126.34621
23University Of Tennessee, Knoxville6-225.92320
24Old Dominion University7-524.65222
25Stanford University6-123.26964
26Iowa State University7-022.445
27University Of Utah11-121.05133
28University Of Kentucky11-120.64723
29University Of California, Santa Barbara6-519.5641
30Florida International University7-219.34448
31University Of Tulsa7-319.2719
32University Of Central Florida5-519.16439
33University Of Washington9-41928
34Texas Tech University6-317.65624
35University Of Notre Dame7-517.16429
36University Of Georgia3-216.60425
37Georgia Tech4-416.18547
38Loyola Marymount University5-116.1753
39University Of Kansas5-415.41230
40UNC Charlotte7-215.30938
41University Of Alabama10-215.29426
42Northwestern University4-314.62727
43Columbia University9-314.55946
44University Of Arizona8-214.18866
45University Of Minnesota11-214.12737
46University Of Mississippi6-213.66734
47University Of San Diego5-313.57131
48University Of Memphis9-413.07470
49University Of Oregon8-212.26235
50Virginia Commonwealth University10-112.06952
51University Of Denver4-411.45358
52University Of South Carolina5-411.31149
53University Of Wisconsin, Madison6-411.09150
54Florida State University6-310.62544
55Southern Methodist University6-410.34836
56Mississippi State University8-310.30355
57University Of Illinois7-39.42940
58University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville7-38.88NR
59California State University, Fresno7-28.72551
60Brigham Young University4-77.85754
61Princeton University3-77.66243
62Michigan State University6-17.21460
63Penn State University4-46.44861
64Cal Poly5-36.127NR
T65Rice University6-26.10257
T65University Of Louisville7-36.10268
67University Of Nebraska5-35.9759
68University Of South Alabama6-15.66773
69Kennesaw State University5-05.64NR
70Florida Gulf Coast University4-45.58874
71Texas Christian University8-35.455NR
72University At Buffalo (SUNY)7-15.469
73Syracuse University6-35.32467
74University Of Delaware6-25.25763
75University Of Toledo7-25.239NR
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