TCU Takes Over Top Spot In March 2nd ITA Division I Men’s National Team Rankings


The 2022 ITA DI Men’s National Team Indoor Champions, TCU, have made the leap to the top spot of the Mar. 2nd ITA Division I Men’s National Team Rankings, jumping former No. 1 Tennessee in this week’s computerized rankings. 

Now 8-1 against Top-25 opponents on the season, the Horned Frogs have proven themselves as one of the top teams in the country and will continue to be put to the test throughout the remainder of the spring as they take on four current Top-25 opponents, including Baylor (No. 4) twice. 

Tennessee (No. 2), Ohio State (No. 3), Baylor (No. 4), and Florida (No. 5) round out the Top-Five of this week’s rankings.

Outside of the Top-Five, Middle Tennessee State (No. 15) saw a huge jump in their ranking this week after taking down Tulane (Previous No. 48), Arizona (Previous No. 19), and Princeton (Previous No. 29) this past week. 

Across the entire Top-25, the SEC still is well ahead of all other conferences placing eight teams in the Mar. 2 Top-25, four more than the ACC and Big 12 who each place four teams in the Top-25. 

For more information on how these computerized rankings are calculated, head over to our ITA Rankings Explained page which provides information on the algorithm and other factors used to determine these National Team Rankings.

DI Men’s National Team Rankings – March 2, 2022

1Texas Christian University12-185.6862
2University Of Tennessee, Knoxville11-284.6541
3Ohio State University13-181.1963
4Baylor University14-170.2354
5University Of Florida7-260.7967
6University Of South Carolina11-258.9296
7Wake Forest University14-4568
8Stanford University9-253.2089
9University Of Kentucky9-349.07410
10University Of Southern California7-347.9195
11Harvard University8-240.72713
12Northwestern University10-239.75814
13University Of Texas, Austin7-539.16712
14University Of Mississippi10-337.73611
15Middle Tennessee State University14-336.17630
16University Of Oklahoma11-235.92620
17Columbia University7-334.24623
18University Of Virginia6-532.07117
19Pepperdine University5-431.79741
20North Carolina State University10-231.26816
21University Of Miami9-129.80435
22University Of Georgia6-328.92915
23University Of Utah14-027.426
24Mississippi State University9-326.37922
25Auburn University10-225.76525
26University Of Michigan5-225.45536
27UNC Chapel Hill5-424.49321
28University Of Arizona12-424.37519
29Florida State University9-224.25924
30University Of Memphis8-222.55434
31University Of Tulsa7-422.38828
32University Of Notre Dame8-422.25427
33Texas A&M University6-520.34818
34Princeton University8-520.13229
35University Of San Diego6-119.70438
36Texas Tech University8-519.08950
37University Of Louisiana9-118.42439
38University Of California, Berkeley4-317.44331
39Virginia Commonwealth University7-616.8NR
40Duke University7-315.63232
41Southern Methodist University6-315.60658
42Louisiana State University7-214.73351
43Old Dominion University6-414.65745
44Georgia Tech5-413.43840
45University Of Louisville7-412.63943
46University Of Denver4-412.63354
47University Of Central Florida2-812.292NR
48Clemson University6-311.79144
49UNC Charlotte5-411.63349
50University Of Pennsylvania8-110.89359
51Cornell University8-310.77152
52University Of Oregon5-410.53342
53Vanderbilt University7-11064
54Tulane University4-69.88248
55Florida Atlantic University8-19.61433
56University Of California, Santa Barbara7-49.21471
57University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville9-48.94737
58University Of Illinois3-68.73453
60University Of Texas, San Antonio5-38.42962
61Gonzaga University7-28.41346
62University Of Montana5-08.463
63University Of Wisconsin, Madison5-57.111NR
64Montana State U/Bozeman7-36.907NR
65Northern Arizona University5-46.83368
66Furman University6-26.78860
67University Of Washington9-36.621NR
68University Of North Florida6-46.506NR
69University Of South Florida4-56.471NR
70University Of California, Irvine4-46.408NR
71Arizona State University3-76.145NR
72Liberty University3-55.97757
73Penn State University6-45.97660
74East Tennessee State University5-45.761NR
75Michigan State University8-35.676NR
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