ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Women’s Team Rankings – February 23, 2022


The initial computerized ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Women’s team rankings were released on February 23, 2022. North Carolina, winners of the 2022 ITA Division I National Team Indoor Championship, are the No. 1-ranked team and a perfect 11-0 on the season.

You don’t have to travel out of North Carolina to find the No. 2-ranked team. That distinction belongs to the Wolfpack of North Carolina State, a National Team Indoor semifinalist. North Carolina State enters this week of competition with an 11-1 record.

Oklahoma, who had a historic run to the National Team Indoor final, checks in at No. 3 in the computerized ranking. The Sooners are fresh off a home win over No. 12 USC and are 12-1 on the season.

The ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Women’s Team Rankings feature the nation’s Top 75 teams. For more information on how the rankings are calculated and the algorithm used in the calculations, be sure to check out this post.

Rounding out the Top 10 in the rankings are: Ohio State (No. 4), Texas (No. 5), California (No. 6), Texas A&M (No. 7), Pepperdine (No. 8), Virginia (No. 9) and Oklahoma State (No. 10).

DI Women’s National Team Rankings – February 23, 2022

1UNC Chapel Hill11-096.25
2North Carolina State University11-181
3University Of Oklahoma12-176.61
4Ohio State University5-364.444
5University Of Texas, Austin7-263.571
6University Of California, Berkeley6-357.745
7Texas A&M University13-156.667
8Pepperdine University5-256.047
9University Of Virginia8-154.634
10Oklahoma State University6-150.488
11Auburn University9-249.095
12University Of Southern California6-447.271
13University Of Florida7-245.024
14Duke University4-144.902
15University Of Miami5-141.591
16University Of Michigan5-234.104
17Baylor University6-331.8
18Wake Forest University6-230.889
19University Of Tulsa7-229.773
20University Of Tennessee, Knoxville6-229.69
21Vanderbilt University6-128.571
22Old Dominion University5-528.291
23University Of Kentucky11-126.927
24Texas Tech University5-122.857
25University Of Georgia3-221.667
26University Of Alabama9-021.6
27Northwestern University4-319.298
28University Of Washington7-418.964
29University Of Notre Dame7-318.909
30University Of Kansas5-318.731
31University Of San Diego5-218.077
32Arizona State University5-216.957
33University Of Utah9-116.163
34University Of Mississippi3-215.306
35University Of Oregon6-214.887
36Southern Methodist University5-314.042
37University Of Minnesota11-213.519
38UNC Charlotte5-213.378
39University Of Central Florida4-312.851
40University Of Illinois6-312.581
41University Of California, Santa Barbara4-412.5
42Furman University6-412.157
43Princeton University3-711.233
44Florida State University5-210.909
45Iowa State University5-010.85
46Columbia University6-210.8
47Georgia Tech2-310.68
48Florida International University4-210.64
49University Of South Carolina3-410.588
50University Of Wisconsin, Madison6-410.554
51California State University, Fresno6-110.064
52Virginia Commonwealth University8-110
53Loyola Marymount University4-19.909
54Brigham Young University4-69.747
55Mississippi State University6-39.286
57Rice University5-18.936
58University Of Denver2-48.125
59University Of Nebraska5-37.719
60Michigan State University5-17.261
61Penn State University4-47.034
62Stetson University4-06.6
63University Of Delaware5-16.431
64Stanford University4-16.341
65Washington State University4-46.056
66University Of Arizona6-15.84
67Syracuse University6-15.796
68University Of Louisville7-15.778
69University At Buffalo (SUNY)6-15.6
70University Of Memphis7-45.413
T71Kansas State University4-24.643
T71University Of Iowa4-24.643
73University Of South Alabama3-14.615
74Florida Gulf Coast University4-34.492
75Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville6-04.4
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