Since the Introduction of Title IX in 1972, collegiate women’s tennis has seen many of the finest coaches make their mark in the history books. Matt Turk, CSUN Athletics, dove into the dual match records to find the top women’s tennis coaches of each division.

We’re continuing our series on the all-time winningest coaches in women’s tennis with Division II.

Coaches were ranked by their overall win percentage. To be included, coaches had to have at least 10 years of head coaching experience at an NCAA program. The win percentage includes all victories as a head coach at a four-year institution.

Below are the top 10 Division II Women coaches. See everyone who made the Top 40 list.

The ITA is excited to provide all-time coaching records. If you feel there is an omission or correction that needs to be made please contact Caroline Huey.

10. Pablo Montana

Institution(s): California University of Pennsylvania
Win Percentage: 76.9%
W-L Record: 276-83
Tenure: 2002-2016

9. Derrick Racine

Institution(s): University of Mobile & University of West Florida
Win Percentage: 78%
W-L Record: 557-157
Tenure: 1995-Current

8. Alan Nagel

Institution(s): Queens College, New York
Win Percentage: 78.3%
W-L Record: 557-154
Tenure: 1980-Current

7. Evan Isaacs

Institution(s): Columbus State University
Win Percentage: 79%
W-L Record: 380-101
Tenure: 2002-Current

6. Jarrod Smith

Institution(s): Drury University
Win Percentage: 81.2%
W-L Record: 285-66
Tenure: 2006-Current

5. Marc Kurtz

Institution(s): Augustana University
Win Percentage: 83.5%
W-L Record: 234-46
Tenure: 2003-Current

4. Ron Cox

Institution(s): Northeastern State University
Win Percentage: 86.1%
W-L Record: 373-60
Tenure: 1993-2011

3. Mike Perez

Institution(s): Lynn University
Win Percentage: 86.5%
W-L Record: 655-102
Tenure: 1990-Current

2. Avi Kigel

Institution(s): Barry University
Win Percentage: 92.3%
W-L Record: 287-24
Tenure: 2009-Current

1. Dave Porter

David Porter, BYU Hawaii

Institution(s): BYU-Hawaii
Win Percentage: 97.1%
W-L Record: 701-23
Tenure: 1984-2017


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