We’re back with another Q&A series from the Tennis For America VISTAs. This week the series focused on Natalia Munoz. Natalia is serving at the Sloane Stephens Foundation in California. The Sloane Stephens Foundation is a national community-based organization that works to provide opportunities for children by encouraging healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and physical fitness.

In previous weeks, Tennis For America has featured Gabby HesseAva Todd and Ivan Derrick.

Hear from Natalia below!

Meet the Tennis for America Fellows: Natalia Munoz

Tennis For America launched in June 2020 with eight VISTAs placed throughout the country. The VISTAs utilize their elite tennis backgrounds and academic credentials to add significant value to the organizations who are making tremendous impact within their communities. 

To stay up-to-date with everything happening with our Tennis For America fellows, follow the Tennis For America InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. The Q&A series will be back with a new VISTA beginning Monday, October 5th.

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