ITA CEO Tim Russell and UTR CEO Mark Leschly joined Lisa Stone from Parenting Aces to discuss the new ITA Tour: Fall Circuit by UTR. The trio discuss how the format of the local, skill-based tournaments will help collegiate, professional, and junior players alike improve their game. Tim also shares the ITA’s vision for the Fall Circuit along with answering questions from viewers.

ITA & UTR Partner for Fall Tourney Series with Tim Russell & Mark Leschly

The ITA Tour: Fall Circuit by UTR will provide safe-play opportunities for players around the country. The 10-week circuit begins on September 18th and will provide exciting level-based competition in a safe environment with small draws and no fans. Selections will be made based off of UTR and will only include singles play.

The initial application for host sites will be open until August 16th. The tournament schedule will be released on August 24th with the phased tournament registration beginning on August 31st.

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