Paying Tribute: A Season Ended Too Soon [Junior College]


While leagues, teams, student-athletes, coaches, and support staff are bearing the brunt of the college tennis industry shutting down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, another major aspect is getting hit – our senior student-athletes.

We challenge you to help as much as possible with the prevention of the spread! We will get through this together. We know you have put in a lot of effort and work throughout this season; however, we need to do what is best for everyone.

It has been a tough few days – some that seem to go on forever – but we’re here to pay tribute to such a fantastic season.

Odds are, you have questions about what’s next for your sport or team. We are working diligently and are looking forward to the return of college tennis for the 2020-21 season.

We realize the impact that this worldwide pandemic has on our teams, and this is why we are paying tribute. We look forward to the return of college tennis.

This is a mini-series! You can see the Division I tributeDivision II tributeDivision III tribute and the NAIA tribute! We encourage teams and student-athletes to share their favorite memories with us.

Be sure to share your memories with us on social or as a comment below.

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