Paying Tribute: A Season Ended Too Soon [Division I]


An international pandemic and national crisis have caused a national state of emergency. Schools, businesses, amusement parks, and restaurants are closing their doors to the public. However, we are attempting to bring people together to celebrate college tennis through a series of tributes to our student-athletes.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) urged the nation to stop gatherings of 50 or more people yesterday, for the next two months. All of this is being done to be proactive to prevent the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and protect the health and well-being of our population.

The sports world was the first to take the hit in America and college tennis was no exception. Although these acts are necessary, it has left many in the tennis atmosphere grateful for an amazing season and their student-athletes.

Many student-athletes were left in the dark with no answers last Friday when the news of college athletics ending competition. They are all hopeful and ready to get back to action.

In times like these, student-athletes, coaches, support staff, and fans all stick together. They become a family, united! It’s best to come together as one team to uplift and support each other.

Coaches recognized that so many student-athletes were having their dreams crushed. Nevertheless, they rose to the top to bring enthusiasm and support for their teams. After all, we believe in the power of community and best practice sharing in sports.

College tennis will make a come back, but until then, we must listen to medical professionals and focus on the most important thing: staying safe and healthy! “Surrender Me for We,” and let’s do this together! We’ll get through this.

This is a mini-series and we will include more throughout the week, stay tuned for other divisions! We encourage teams and student-athletes to share their favorite memories with us here!

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