Paying Tribute: A Season Ended Too Soon [Division III]


Every week for the last few years, you’ve turned to us for rankings, rules and guidelines. As we all continue to adapt to the country’s fast-changing needs, we want to make sure that we continue to support our coaches, student-athletes, and support staff.

We’re working hard to be there for you and your team. So much of what we’ve seen over the last few days has been heroic, from our dedicated teams remembering great memories to the way you and your families have banded together.

We, like you, have been left in the dark with the cancellation of all college tennis activity because of the coronavirus. We want to take the time to remember the amazing memories throughout the year that we had, although cut short.

Teams are taking to social media to celebrate seniors, team memories, and a season cut too short. Coupled with coronavirus induced self-quarantines, nationwide closures of restaurants and public venues have inevitably led to an uptick in social media posts. We’re here to help you celebrate those memories.

As novel coronavirus fears have essentially shut down daily life in many areas and forced college tennis to cancel play and suspend operations, we continue to look to the 2020-2021 season.

We stand with you and support you, and are grateful for your fierce competition and sportsmanship throughout the 2019-2020 season.

This is a mini-series and we will include more throughout the week, stay tuned for other divisions! We encourage teams and student-athletes to share their favorite memories with us here!

You can see the Division I tribute and the Division II tribute! Be sure to share your memories with us on social.

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