2024 Team State Champions Crowned In CCCAA Tournament

Ventura College, Third State Championship

Ventura, CA – As one of the most storied championships across all college tennis, the CCCAA Men’s and Women’s Team State Championships took place on Tuesday at Ventura College.

Bringing together the best teams and players from across the California Community College Athletic Association’s member conferences, the final day of team competition from the CCCAA Tournament featured (1) American River College vs. (2) Ventura College on the men’s side, and (1) American River College vs. (1) Orange Coast College on the women’s side.

In the Men’s matchup, it was Ventura College who took home the 2024 CCCAA Team Championship. In front of their home crowd, Ventura College would sweep American River for the title, 5-0.

In the Final, Ventura College would win all three doubles points to jump out to an early advantage. Then in singles, the Pirates would take court 2 (6-0 6-0) and then court 4 (6-2 6-0)

American River College, Back-To-Back State Champions

In the Women’s Team Championship, A 2023 title rematch between American River and Orange Coast finished off the day. American River capped their perfect season with a win against Orange Coast, 5-0. This Championship gives the Beavers back-to-back titles, with last year marking their first ever State Title.

In the match, the Beavers took a strong lead by sweeping doubles. In singles, American River would see 4 courts within a game of finishing, before Court 1 and Court 3 would provide the final two points, 6-0 6-0 and 6-2 6-3, respectively

For full results from the entire CCCAA Men’s and Women’s Championships read below.

Men’s Team | Women’s Team

CCCAA Men’s Team State Championship

Ventura 5, American River 0

1. Cody Ray Emery/Lucas Abreu (VC) def.  Enrique Silveira/Gavin Sonntag (ARC), 8-6
2. Rafael Matias /Julian Tellez (VC) def. Spencer Hill/Arjun Sivakumar (ARC), 8-4
3. Robinson Pelluault/Edgar Ploquin (VC) def. Tarang Sharma/Shane Timmons (ARC), 8-3

Order of Finish: 2, 3, 1

1. Emery (VC) vs. Sonntag (ARC), 6-2, 2-2, DNF
2. Matias (VC) def. Silveira (ARC), 6-0, 6-0
3. Abreau (VC) vs. Sivakumar (ARC), 6-1, 3-2, DNF
4. Tellez (VC) def. Hill (ARC), 6-2, 6-0
5. Pelluault (VC) vs. Sharma (ARC), 6-2, 3-0, DNF
6. Ploquin (VC) vs. Timmons (ARC), 6-3, 2-3, DNF

Order of Finish: 2, 4

CCCAA WOMEN’S Team State Championship

American River 5, Orange Coast 0

Nahreen Cheam/Bella Hernandez (ARC) def. Tori Varela/Olivia Sipiora (OCC), 8-3
Mandi Pinkerton/Janne Spitters (ARC) def. Rhea Gagnepain/Leanne Pascua (OCC), 8-2
Maiah White/Kaitlyn Nicholsky (ARC) def. Camila Nelson/Merrit Dubourdieu (OCC), 8-4

Order of Finish: 2, 1, 3

Cheam (ARC) def. Nelson (OCC), 6-0, 6-0
White (ARC) vs. Varela (OCC), 6-1, 5-1, DNF
Spitters (ARC) def. Sipiora (OCC), 6-2, 6-3
Nicholsky (ARC) vs. Gagnepain (OCC), 5-5, DNF
Hernandez (ARC) vs. Dubourdieu (OCC), 6-0, 5-4, DNF
Laney Reddick (ARC) vs. Pascua (OCC), 4-6, 1-1

Order of Finish: 1, 3

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