Welcome to the ITA Student-Athlete Podcast with your host Abi Wild, a senior women’s tennis player at Hawaii Pacific University. This podcast was created by college tennis players for college tennis players to share the stories and experiences of our unique sport with the world.

In today’s episode, Abi sits down with Case Western Reserve men’s tennis player Ansh Shah. Since beginning his collegiate career at Case Western Reserve, Ansh has been a part of two ITA National Team Indoor Championships as well as an NCAA Team Championship in 2023, the first for the entire Case Western Reserve athletic department.

While you listen, Ansh and Abi will discuss many different aspects of being a college tennis player, including, why he chose to play at Case Western Reserve, his success on and off the court, and what it is like to balance academics and athletics. We hope you enjoy this inside look into college tennis, and be on the lookout for new episodes every month for the next three months.

ITA Student-Athlete Podcast: Ansh Shah, Case Western Reserve
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