Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA)


ITA Player Services for Current Student-Athletes

Rising Coaches

ITA Rising Coaches is an ITA Center for Coach Education offering aimed at developing the next generation of college tennis coaches. This course is available to student-athletes in their final semester of college tennis with aspirations of coaching after graduation.

Student-Athlete Council

The ITA Student-Athlete Council is a committee of student-athletes who play college tennis assembled to provide insights regarding the sport with a special emphasis on the student-athlete experience.

Student-Athlete Podcast

The ITA Student-Athlete Podcast is a podcast hosted by student-athletes for student-athletes. Here, many day-to-day experiences of student-athletes are discussed as new guests join every month to provide their perspective.

ZAMA Health App

Designed specifically for college athletes, ZAMA Health offers self-guided modules which aim to maximize performance goals and improve mental health. ZAMA Health also offers members the opportunity to anonymously join communities within the platform.

ITA Player Services for Prospective Student-Athletes

College Connect Tool

Start your journey to becoming a college tennis player. Explore the specifically designed steps that aim to help pair you with the perfect college tennis program. 

ITA Player Services for Former Student-Athletes

ITA Alumni Network

The primary purpose of the network is to help college tennis alumni connect, support current players and alumni as they transition out of college tennis, and into their chosen field of interest and build an advocate base for college tennis.

ITA Classifieds

Do you have a desire to work in college tennis? If so, check out the wide variety of jobs on the ITA Classifieds Page. New positions get posted weekly so check back often to find the perfect opportunity for your career path.