TEMPE, Ariz. (Jan. 10, 2024) – The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (the “ITA”) announces plans for both the retirement of ITA President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Timothy Russell and the transition of long-standing ITA Chairman of the Board Jon Vegosen to the positions of Chairman Emeritus and Special Advisor to the ITA Board of Directors.

“The time is right to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders,” said Russell, who began his work as President and CEO on July 1, 2015. “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have served the sport I love within the world of higher education, building on the astonishing foundation that was established under David A Benjamin’s leadership. It has been an amazing experience to lead with committed colleagues – an incredibly talented and hard-working ITA staff and a wonderfully passionate and insightful ITA Board of Directors – to advance college tennis and our Association.”

The ITA has engaged Bowlsby Sports Advisors to conduct a national search for a new Chief Executive Officer. The ITA expects to announce a CEO Designate prior to the May 2024 NCAA Tennis Championships. The CEO Designate will begin work with the Association during the fall of 2024, alongside Russell, and will commence service as the Chief Executive Officer on January 1, 2025. Russell will then serve as a consultant to the ITA through the July 2025 ITA Board of Directors Meeting.

“Tim has done an extraordinary job as President and CEO of the ITA,” said Vegosen. “His vast knowledge and experience in higher education and organizational development, his prior successful professional and volunteer leadership roles, his immense passion for college tennis, his broad vision and thought leadership for college tennis coupled with his keen attention to detail, his engaging collaboration with other leaders and organizations in the tennis world, and his ability to get things done have brought the ITA and college tennis to greater heights. I am not only thankful for Tim’s outstanding contributions but also honored and blessed to have been able to serve college tennis and the ITA with such a talented trailblazer.”

Vegosen, who has served as ITA Chairman of the Board since December of 2015, will conclude his term effective June 30, 2025. The ITA will announce a new Chairman of the Board in the Spring of 2024, following the ITA’s 2024 Nominating Committee process, which culminates in the approval of the proposed slate of Board members and officers by the ITA Board of Directors at its April 2024 meeting. Vegosen will become a Chairman Emeritus and, for at least the July 1, 2025 – June 30, 2026 fiscal year, will stay on as a Special Advisor to the ITA to support a smooth and seamless transition of leadership and to be a resource for his successor and the Board.

“It has been a great honor, joy, pleasure, and privilege to serve with Jon Vegosen. He is a consummate and tireless servant leader, an outstanding advocate for our sport, and has created an inclusive and welcoming Board culture at the ITA that cultivates creative ideas, values brainstorming, and results in well thought through decision making,” remarked CEO Russell.

“Together we have been driven by the belief that college tennis not only offers student-athletes a higher education but also that it is the connective tissue for American tennis. Playing varsity college tennis is an aspirational goal of junior tennis players from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that ultimately provides them with a college education, while also serving as a viable high-performance pathway to character development and success in life…a possible career in tennis…and, for some as a professional tennis player.” Vegosen said, “I am deeply grateful for the chance to serve the ITA and to work with such outstanding Board colleagues, dedicated Staff members, and capable and caring college coaches.”

Bowlsby Sports Advisors will immediately begin a series of stakeholder interviews, in advance of creating a position description and executive profile, which the ITA anticipates being published sometime around February 12, 2024.

About the ITA 

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) is the governing body of college tennis and a coaches association, both an advocate and an authority for the sport and its members. The ITA is committed to serving college tennis and returning the leaders of tomorrow while promoting both the athletic and academic achievements of the collegiate tennis community. The ITA, founded in 1956, is comprised of more than 2,000 men’s and women’s varsity tennis teams representing more than 1,250 institutions, while administering numerous regional and national championships, and the ITA/Tennis Point College Tennis Rankings for 20,000 college varsity student-athletes across five levels of play. The ITA also bolsters an industry leading awards program for players and coaches to honor excellence in academics, leadership, and sportsmanship. Keep up with all of the excitement around college tennis by visiting WeAreCollegeTennis.com and following the ITA on FacebookTwitterInstagramTik Tok and LinkedIn.

The vision of the ITA is to ensure the long-term prosperity of college tennis as one of the most vibrant college sports; and to ensure a sustainable, thriving, business model for the ITA as an independent global leader in the tennis/sports world.  The mission of the ITA is to empower college tennis coaches at all levels to deliver vibrant tennis programs that are vital to their college campuses and communities and transformational for their student-athletes. The ITA believes, as a transformative purpose, that by serving all of college tennis within the world of higher education and advancing our sport, the ITA returns the leaders of tomorrow. College tennis develops championship human beings on and off the court.

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  1. Tim and John,
    You have both carried the ball for college tennis for a good period and deserve a much needed respite. Thanks for all you have done to guide our coaches over the many hurdles that threaten our sport. Hopefully, you can stay involved in a manner that is less exhausting.

    Best wishes,

    Bobby Bayliss


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