The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (“ITA”) is now accepting nominations for the ITA Board of Directors. Per the By-Laws of the ITA, a portion of the Board is to be elected annually.

To that end, a number of the ITA Board will be elected for terms beginning on July 1, 2024. Some of the anticipated openings on the Board must be filled by ITA member coaches. Of course, some current members of the Board who may seek re-election may be re-elected to the Board. The Board of Directors will vote on the recommendations of the Nominating Committee early this spring.

If you wish to be considered for a position on the ITA Board of Directors, for a term beginning on July 1, 2024, and/or to nominate another individual, please:

  1. Review the ITA Board Criteria and Expectations, as set forth below, to make sure that you and/or your nominee(s) will be able to meet the criteria and expectations.
  2. Complete the nomination form in full; and
  3. Send your resume/bio to [email protected] before the nomination deadline.

Nominations must be received by January 29, 2024.

ITA Board Criteria and Expectations: 2024-2025

By-Law Requirement for Board Composition:

  • At least six Head College Tennis Coach Members
  • Chairman of the Board of the ITA
  • President/CEO of the ITA
  • Remaining Board members as selected by the Nominating Committee or as designated by the Chairman of the Board to fill a vacancy

Criteria / Among the Factors the Nominating Committee Will Consider:

In addition to Head Coach Members and a representative of the USTA (as per an ITA-USTA agreement), the Nominating Committee will again be seeking individuals from other walks of life, such as business, law, medicine, sports administration, sports science, education, media, technology, marketing, entertainment, and philanthropy. For example, the current Board includes, among others, the following:

  1. College Athletic Directors;
  2. some first-rate executives/business minds whose careers have been devoted to big picture thinking and strategic planning;
  3. philanthropists who not only contribute generously to the ITA but also open doors to other contributors and help raise funds for the ITA;
  4. individuals with significant knowledge about technology, media, and marketing and how to harness them; and
  5. attorneys and other professionals.

The foregoing approach encourages the Nominating Committee to nominate a Board with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, as well as diversity of thought. This can help instill a Board culture that cultivates creative ideas, values brainstorming, and results in well thought through decision making.

The Board generally focuses on high-level matters such as big-picture thinking, strategic planning, endowing the ITA, fundraising for the ITA, and helping enhance the visibility and stature of both collegiate varsity tennis and the ITA in the tennis world and the world of varsity college athletics. The Board does not supplant the critical role of the ITA Operating Committees.

Characteristics and Competencies:

With the foregoing factors in mind, there are also general characteristics and competencies that the Nominating Committee will likely consider recommending a slate for the ITA Board. These are guideposts, rather than hitching posts, and they include the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Business / Financial Acumen
  • Communication Skills
  • Commitment to Serve
  • Cooperativeness
  • Courage of One’s Convictions
  • Creativity
  • Full Engagement
  • Great Judgment
  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge & Experience re: How Universities & Athletic Departments Function
  • Organizational Skills
  • Philanthropic Profile: Strong Donation History. Possesses Fundraising Generosity, Passion, Skills, and Success
  • Reliability
  • Tennis “DNA” and experience
  • Wisdom

Term of Service:

  • To commence on July 1, 2024
  • Unless appointed to fill a vacancy, one, two, or three years of service (per the bylaws, staggered terms are permitted)

Board Meetings and Calls:

  • Prior to their first ITA Board meeting, new Board members and Special Advisors will be provided with a comprehensive Board Orientation book to assist them in getting up to speed.
  • Health and safety permitting, two in-person Board meetings per year; otherwise Zoom meetings. As of this writing, the in-person 2024 Board meetings will be held (a) the last long weekend in late July (July 26-28, 2024) in Chicago, Illinois, and (b) likely the second long weekend in December (December 13-15, 2024) at a place to be determined.
  • Please be sure to bring your tennis gear because we like to schedule time for tennis so that we get some exercise, have some fun, and have an opportunity to bond outside the Board room.
  • There will be approximately four Zoom meetings or conference calls during the rest of the year – approximately two hours for each call. These will be scheduled as necessary or advisable.
  • Board attendance and engagement at Board meetings are essential.
  • Board members are expected to serve on a Board Committee or work on a project in small teams. Board Committees usually meet at the time of Board meetings and/or there may be a few Board Committee calls during the rest of the year.

Financial Expectations / Commitment:

  • The ITA currently does not have a “give or get” minimum.
  • It is, however, expected that each and every Board member will make a personal donation to the ITA and be as generous as possible. 100% participation is expected, especially if Board members are going to lead by example.
  • Personal donations of Board members typically range between $1,000 and $20,000 per year. Donations from corporations comprised of Board members or friends of the ITA typically range between $25,000 and $50,000.
  • Board members also donate or procure “one-of-a-kind” / unique experiences for auctions and help market and sell them (e.g., US Open and other Grand Slam Tournament packages, hit sessions with former touring pros or varsity college stars, and the like).

Reimbursement of Board Travel Expenses:

The ITA typically covers the cost of hotels and group meals of Board members for attendance at Board meetings. There is a travel policy under which Board members may be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to $750.00 per Board meeting. Spouses / significant others are usually invited to Board meetings and may attend the Board dinners and the tennis outings as guests of the ITA. The ITA, however, does not cover airfare for spouses / significant others.

Special Advisor to the Board:

Under the ITA’s Bylaws, the ITA Board has the discretion to appoint Special Advisors with special knowledge, skills, expertise, experience, and generosity to assist the Board in its deliberations and decisions. Except for the right to vote, Special Advisors participate in all aspects of the Board. After service as Special Advisors, they may apply for the Board. For the period July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024, the Board appointed two Special Advisors. It is anticipated that there will again be Special Advisors for the period July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.

About The ITA: The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) is the governing body of college tennis and a coaches association, both an advocate and an authority for the sport and its members.  The ITA is committed to serving college tennis and returning the leaders of tomorrow while promoting both the athletic and academic achievements of the collegiate tennis community. The ITA, founded in 1956, is comprised of more than 2,000 men’s and women’s varsity tennis teams representing more than 1,250 institutions, while administering numerous regional and national championships, and the ITA/Tennis Point College Tennis Rankings for 20,000 college varsity student-athletes across five levels of play. The ITA also bolsters an industry leading awards program for players and coaches to honor excellence in academics, leadership, and sportsmanship. Keep up with all of the excitement around college tennis by visiting and following the ITA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and LinkedIn.

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