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USP (University Sports Program) is one of the most prestigious college placement agencies, highly trusted by college coaches across the country. Since 1994, USP has helped over 1800 student-athletes succeed in their lives through the college tennis path. It is a USP priority to match each student with the right college beyond tennis, where they will have a lifelong and rewarding career. USP works with players from the US and around the world, who have attended all levels of college tennis teams, from the highest power 5 ranked teams, to the smallest tennis programs. Every USP client is treated the same and it is one of USP’s priorities to strengthen its relationships with every college coach.

USP also organizes one of the most important college tennis showcases in the year, The USP College Tennis Winter Showcase, which takes place in Naples, Florida during the early days of December, in between the Eddie Herr and the Orange Bowl. 

USP is seeking young people who would like to make a career in college tennis recruiting. Our offices are located in Miami, Florida and have a staff of +30 people worldwide. Everyone is passionate about their job and the impact they are leaving in some many young people’s lives.


USP Advisors work with high school student-athletes guiding them through the recruiting process. Their responsibility goes beyond finding the right colleges as it includes helping their students organize their recruiting, understand the importance of this process, motivate them to work hard, keep them focused, educate them on the process, inspire them to be the best they can be, reduce the anxiety of the process, increase their confidence in and out of the court, among many other aspects. USP advisors create a unique bond with their students.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree with 1 to 2 years of experience or equivalent combination.
  • As a leader of students involved in pursuing a college education, the candidate needs to understand and value the four-year college experience.
  • Be a team player with great communication skills
  • Be organized
  • Be willing to learn and enjoy teaching your students

This job can be in person or remote. Flexible hours. Full or part-time opportunities.

How to Apply:

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