Consistently one of America’s top players for the last decade, Sam has garnered a decorated career which includes 10 ATP Titles and a career-high ranking of World No. 11. Now, Sam joins TopCourt to share the secrets behind his greatest weapon, his serve, and the drills that will help inspire you to take your game to the next level. 

What you can expect from Sam’s TopCourt class:

Technique: Sam is one of the best servers in the game, and teaches you all the secrets behind his greatest weapon. In one class, he teaches you how to gain control of the point by having a routine and proper technique for a world-class serve. Additionally, he walks you through the skills needed to execute a kick serve used for a second serve. 

Drills: Sam shares five personally chosen drills that have helped him immensely in his career. Do you ever struggle to find a drill that keeps you engaged and motivated? Sam coaches his “6 Spot Targets” drill, a fun target drill guaranteed to keep your attention. As a tall, lanky player, developing proper footwork was crucial for Sam to be efficient with his movement. His drill, “Forehand Spot Footwork,” helped him create the appropriate spacing and footwork for his forehand. Similarly, his drill “Rise and Shine” will help you perfect your timing and will make things feel much slower once you get in a match. His “Short High Forehand Finish” drill and “20/20 Volley” drill teach you how to execute your high forehands and gain consistency and confidence with your volleys.

Episodes: In a series of eleven “Episodes,” you will get to know all sides of Sam on and off the court. When he was younger, he was a multi-sport athlete, and tennis was not always his main priority. Playing tennis was always a way for him to have fun, and he soon recognized his talents and potential within the game and chose to specialize in the sport. After winning Kalamazoo, he was awarded a wild card into the junior US Open, and he shares details about an important decision he made on playing college tennis at the University of Southern California. 

Sam opens up about the differences of practice as a junior vs. as a professional, the deeper meaning behind his title in Acapulco, and his perspective on the mentality to overcome adversity on the court. He even shares a fun story where one time, when playing Rafael Nadal, he made a locker room bet with Andy Roddick right before going on court. 

Now a father, and having the experience of over a decade on tour, Sam has a great perspective and looks back on his career and what he wants to get out of the future. This perspective is reflected in his biggest piece of advice to junior players everywhere.  

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