Mackenzie’s road to the professional tour included a stop at UCLA, where he dominated college tennis, winning the 2016 NCAA singles and doubles titles. Now, Mackie joins TopCourt to share his journey and opens up about his decision to attend college to pursue his dreams as a professional tennis player.

What you can expect from Mackie’s TopCourt class:

Technique: As a kid, Mackie started every lesson with volleys. His first coach helped him develop sound fundamentals on his volleys which has always given him the confidence to come forward and finish points at the net. In his TopCourt class, he teaches you the proper technique and strategy behind his net game. Another signature shot of his is his aggressive forehand, and he discusses the techniques, fundamentals, and shot selection needed to execute this dominant shot.

Drills: In his TopCourt class, Mackie teaches you three drills that will enhance the movement, consistency, and anticipation in your game. Learn from him as he coached his “X Drill,” which will practice your movement, conditioning, and timing. His “Box Drill” teaches the importance of consequence through a fun and creative target drill, while his “Full Court Movement” drill teaches you how to recognize your opponent’s ball, choose the proper shot selection, and move efficiently throughout the court.

Episodes: Even with his eyes set on being a pro, Mackie always saw the benefit of keeping college as an option, and in the end, that was the path for him. In a series of six “Episodes,” Mackie discusses the pros and cons of that decision and how he dealt with multiple voices
pulling him in both directions.

After solid freshman and sophomore seasons at UCLA, Mackie decided to return to school for his junior year. That decision proved to be the right one, as it led to an almost perfect season and an NCAA singles and doubles championship. After finishing at the top of college tennis that year, Mackie was ready to turn pro, turning his childhood dream into a reality. With the hard work that came with the ATP Tour, three years into his career, Mackie was seeing good results and was climbing up the ranks until an injury struck. Back in good health, Mackie focuses on the future and advises players about realizing the big picture.

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