ITA Division I Men’s National Team Rankings – Feb. 23


After a busy weekend of play from the 2022 ITA Division I Men’s National Team Indoor Championship, the first computer rankings of the season are now live with Tennessee narrowly taking the top spot in the Feb. 23 rankings.

Edging out National Indoor Champions TCU (No. 2) by just over four hundredths of a point, the Volunteers reclaim the No. 1 spot in the rankings after trading early season indoor matches with the Horned Frogs.

Coming in just behind Tennessee and TCU is Ohio State (No. 3) who falls two spots from the Feb. 9 ITA Top-25 Coaches Poll after suffering their first loss of the season at the National Team Indoor Championship this past week.

Baylor (No. 4) and Southern California (No. 5) round out the Top-5 in this week’s National Team Rankings, while the SEC still dominates across the Top-25 having nine member teams represented in just the Top-25 alone of the Feb. 23 rankings.

For more information on how these computerized rankings are calculated, head over to our ITA Rankings Explained page which provides information on the algorithm and other factors used to determine these National Team Rankings.

DI Men’s National Team Rankings – February 23, 2022

1University Of Tennessee, Knoxville11-290.286
2Texas Christian University12-190.244
3Ohio State University11-186.098
4Baylor University13-170
5University Of Southern California7-262.636
6University Of South Carolina11-261.915
7University Of Florida7-261.341
8Wake Forest University14-461.333
9Stanford University8-254.773
10University Of Kentucky9-352.227
11University Of Mississippi10-345.455
12University Of Texas, Austin7-545.306
13Harvard University7-245.217
14Northwestern University10-241.462
15University Of Georgia6-338.778
16North Carolina State University7-237.957
17University Of Virginia6-536.022
18Texas A&M University6-335.304
19University Of Arizona11-233.137
20University Of Oklahoma10-131.86
21UNC Chapel Hill5-330.769
22Mississippi State University7-330.204
23Columbia University6-329.553
24Florida State University8-229.238
25Auburn University8-127.681
26University Of Utah13-027.175
27University Of Notre Dame7-226.674
28University Of Tulsa6-326.327
29Princeton University6-423.294
30Middle Tennessee State University11-322.517
31University Of California, Berkeley3-320.769
32Duke University5-320.354
33Florida Atlantic University8-019.1
34University Of Memphis5-218.478
35University Of Miami7-117.805
36University Of Michigan4-217.111
37University Of Arkansas, Fayetteville8-315.926
38University Of San Diego5-115.773
39University Of Louisiana8-115.196
40Georgia Tech3-413.704
41Pepperdine University3-413.684
42University Of Oregon5-313.333
43University Of Louisville5-412.839
44Clemson University6-312.632
45Old Dominion University4-411.75
46Gonzaga University6-111.435
48Tulane University3-310.714
49UNC Charlotte5-410.56
50Texas Tech University6-510.429
51Louisiana State University6-210.2
52Cornell University8-29.808
53University Of Illinois3-69.697
54University Of Denver4-29.236
55Wichita State University6-38.153
56Monmouth University6-08.1
57Liberty University3-47.884
58Southern Methodist University5-37.373
59University Of Pennsylvania6-17.234
T60Penn State University6-37.143
T60Furman University5-17.143
62University Of Texas, San Antonio5-37.097
63University Of Montana4-06.75
64Vanderbilt University6-06
65Rice University5-45.882
66University Of Nebraska3-55.694
67Oklahoma State University4-55.676
68Northern Arizona University3-45.559
69U.S. Air Force Academy8-45.488
70Georgia State University3-45.352
71University Of California, Santa Barbara5-35.311
72University Of San Francisco3-25.29
73UNC Wilmington5-25.283
74Western Michigan University2-45.231
75Ball State University5-35.194
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