USC’s Daniel Cukierman checks in at No. 1 in the Oracle ITA preseason singles rankings. Cukierman spent all of the 2020 season ranked No. 1 and will look to repeat that success as he embarks on his senior year as a Trojan. Since the shutdown, Cukierman has played various ITF tournaments.
Coming in at No. 2 is UNC’s William Blumberg. He will be taking advantage of a fifth year of eligibility and looking to add onto his legendary collegiate career. 
Stanford’s Alexandre Rotsaert, Texas A&M’s Valentin Vacherot, and Ohio State’s Cannon Kingsley round out the top five.
The Baylor Bears place the most players in the top 125 with six making the cut. No. 43 Sven Lah is the highest ranked player on the Bears’ roster.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 125 Preseason National Singles
Administered by the ITA
January 13, 2021

Rank Player Team
1 Daniel Cukierman University of Southern California
2 William Blumberg North Carolina
3 Alexandre Rotsaert Stanford University
4 Valentin Vacherot Texas A&M University
5 Cannon Kingsley Ohio State University
6 Richard Ciamarra University of Notre Dame
7 Alexis Galarneau NC State
8 Sam Riffice University of Florida
9 Trent Bryde University of Georgia
10 Keegan Smith UCLA
11 John McNally Ohio State University
12 Duarte Vale University of Florida
13 Hady Habib Texas A&M University
14 Andrew Fenty University of Michigan
15 Alex Brown University of Illinois
16 Gabriel Decamps UCF
17 Jack Lin Columbia University
18 Philip Henning University of Georgia
19 Riley Smith University of Southern California
20 Axel Geller Stanford University
21 Alastair Gray TCU
22 Govind Nanda UCLA
23 Damon Kesaris Saint Marys College of California
24 Adam Walton University Of Tennessee
25 Kyle Seelig Ohio State University
26 Mor Bulis University of Southern California
27 Joseph Guillin UC Santa Barbara
28 Ondrej Styler University of Michigan
29 Carl Söderlund University of Virginia
30 Joshua Charlton University of Oregon
31 Bar Botzer Wake Forest University
32 Daniel Rodrigues University of South Carolina
33 Juan Carlos Aguilar Texas A&M University
34 Adria Soriano Barrera University of Miami (Florida)
35 Aleksandar Kovacevic University of Illinois
36 Giovanni Oradini Mississippi State University
37 Parker Wynn Texas Tech University
38 Mitch Harper Virginia Tech
39 Kareem Allaf University of Iowa
40 Hamish Stewart Tulane University
41 Benjamin Sigouin North Carolina
42 Yuta Kikuchi California
43 Sven Lah Baylor University
44 Jack Molloy California
45 Liam Draxl University of Kentucky
46 Adrian Boitan Baylor University
47 Luc Fomba TCU
48 Bennett Crane Indiana University-Bloomington
49 Matej Vocel Oklahoma State University
50 Jonas Ziverts University of Arizona
51 Gui Osorio University Of San Diego
52 Juan Pablo Grassi Mazzuchi UCF
53 Ewan Moore Tulane University
54 Filip Malbasic University of Arizona
55 Rinky Hijikata North Carolina
56 Matias Soto Baylor University
57 Siem Woldeab University of Texas
58 Dominik Starý Northwestern University
59 Andres Martin Georgia Tech
60 August Holmgren University Of San Diego
61 Dominik Kellovsky Oklahoma State University
62 Tim Sandkaulen University of Mississippi
63 Paul Barretto California
64 Stefan Milicevic University of Miami (Florida)
65 Jack Davis University of Washington
66 Constantin Frantzen Baylor University
67 Kody Pearson University of Tulsa
68 Blaise Bicknell University of Florida
69 Mason Beiler University of Oklahoma
70 Aditya Vashistha St. Johns University
71 Tin Chen University of Louisville
72 Alex Reco University of Arkansas
73 Tyler Zink University of Georgia
74 Nick Stachowiak Baylor University
75 Sangeet Sridhar Stanford University
76 Emmanuel Coste University of Oregon
77 Alex Knaff Florida State University
78 Micah Braswell University of Texas
79 Ryder Jackson University of Southern California
80 James Trotter Ohio State University
81 Raphael Lambling University of South Carolina
82 Siphosothando Montsi University of Illinois
83 Connor Johnston University of Michigan
84 Angel Diaz Jalil University of Texas at Arlington
85 Andy Andrade University of Florida
86 Henrik Korsgaard Oklahoma State University
87 Florian Broska Mississippi State University
88 Steven Forman Northwestern University
89 Edson Ortiz University of Alabama
90 Corrado Summaria Pepperdine
91 Nico Mostardi Cleveland State University
92 Rrezart Cungu Wake Forest University
93 Ilgiz Valiev Texas Tech University
94 Arthur Fery Stanford University
95 Tadas Babelis NC State
96 Lukas Greif University of Florida
97 Philip Hjorth California
98 Sean Hill Brigham Young University
99 Ronnie Hohmann LSU
100 Joshua Peck North Carolina
101 Emile Hudd Oklahoma State University
102 Oskar Michalek Middle Tennessee State University
103 Charlie Broom Baylor University
104 Stefan Dostanic University of Southern California
105T Gustaf Strom University of Arizona
105T Jeffrey Von Der Schulenburg University of Virginia
107 Taha Baadi Wake Forest University
108 Rana-Roop Singh Bhular Florida State University
109 Sam Feit UCLA
110 Barnaby Smith Texas A&M University
111 Andre Ilagan University of Hawaii
112 Zeke Clark University of Illinois
113 Sander Jong TCU
114 Alexandre Leblanc University of Kentucky
115 Reed Collier Texas Tech University
116 Noah Schachter Texas A&M University
117 George Harwell Vanderbilt University
118 Connor Thomson University of South Carolina
119 Tristan Boyer Stanford University
120 Eliot Spizzirri University of Texas
121 Luciano Tacchi Wake Forest University
122 Maxime Lapraille Florida Atlantic University
123 Joshua Lapadat University of Kentucky
124 Pat Harper University Of Tennessee
125 Jacob Fearnley TCU
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