On January 4th, the ITA Rules Committee finalized modifications to current ITA rules designed to help alleviate challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. These rule modifications are only temporary and will expire at the conclusion of the 2021 dual match season. 

Please note that the minimum number of players required for dual match play remains at 4 physically able and eligible players.

View the complete 2021 COVID-19 Rule Modifications.

Summary with the rationale of 2021 ITA rule modifications:

A. Division I – Option to play out all 3 doubles matches if both coaches agree prior to the match (play-play format). Rationale – Provide more opportunities for SA’s to complete doubles matches after cancellation or reduction in fall play, fewer abandoned matches resulting in better doubles data and more accurate rankings and better data/improved rankings provides for more accurate NCAA tennis committee selections to the NCAA tournament.

B. All Divisions – provided alternate scoring formats to be used when both teams are competing with fewer than 6 players. Rationale – The possibility of these situations rises during the COVID-19 pandemic and current rules leave the possibility of no winner.

C. All Divisions – waived the team default penalty for teams who must postpone or cancel due to not meeting the minimum number of physically able and eligible players (4). Documentation from medical staff/administration must be provided. Rationale – increased possibility of this occurring during COVID-19 pandemic.

D. All Divisions – provided waiver request opportunity for teams who must play unauthorized, alternate format due to COVID-19 pandemic. Rationale – increased need to reduce dual match time or mitigate transmission-risk due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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