Jaron Maestas spent 12 years as the Head Tennis Professional at Philcrest Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma before entering the college coaching ranks, taking over as the head women’s coach at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2016. Jaron Maestas enters his fifth year as the head tennis coach and has turned the UCO tennis program into a national contender seemingly overnight.

With each passing year, Jaron’s teams surpass the successes of the previous year. In 2020, he and Scott Linn (MSU) co-hosted the inaugural ITA D II Indoor National Championships in Oklahoma City. This is not the type of project many coaches are willing to take on and is just another example of how Jaron goes above and beyond his job description.  

Jaron is very clear on what he is trying to accomplish at UCO, does not make excuses, and is very resourceful. He is a great example of how you go about making your program relevant within your athletic department, university, and surrounding tennis community.  

Key parts of this conversation have been minute-marked for your listening convenience:

  • 01:50 – What were some of the professional development lessons that you learned during your time at Philcrest?
  • 06:37 – Do you think you were ready to become a head coach after your time at Philcrest?
  • 08:14 – How did you end up at the University of Central Oklahoma?
  • 13:01 – What potential did you see at UCO and what promises did you make? How did you follow through on those promises?
  • 20:00 – Does it get easier once you have established a culture and expectations?
  • 21:23 – How do you continue to build upon the success of the previous year?
  • 24:59 – How have you made your team relevant on campus?
  • 29:51 – Why bother with the stress of hosting an Indoor National Championship?
  • 35:44 – What advice can you give coaches about fundraising? What have you learned in the last few years?
  • 41:33 – What is keeping you up at night right now when it pertains to the current climate in college tennis?

Rapid Fire Questions

  • 44:18 – Is there a book that motivates you?
  • 44:56 – What is your favorite drill?
  • 45:34 – Name one thing you’ve changed your mind on in recent years?
  • 46:27 – Do you have a favorite quote?
  • 47:15 – What is one lesson you hope your players learn before they leave your program?

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