On Wednesday, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association added the ITA College Coaches’ Drill Space to its Coach Education portfolio. The video drill space will be a collaborative effort between the ITA and the association’s coach members. New drills will begin to be added starting next Wednesday, September 23rd and the Drill Space will be open to member coaches.

Coaches are encouraged to contribute their favorite drills to the repository. The drill space will feature a vast array of drills — ranging from strength and conditioning to serving. 

“We are fortunate to have such a large group of creative coaches willing to share their thoughts and ideas with one another,” Dave Mullins, ITA Managing Director, said. “My hope is that every coach in our organization shares at least one drill over the next several years, and that the Coaches Resources section on the ITA website can become a one-stop shop for all the on-court and off-court educational materials they need to excel in their roles.”

Watch below for instructions on how to shoot and submit your drills!

ITA College Coaches' Drills Introduction

There are two ways interested coaches can share their drills with the ITA.

  1. Film the drill and verbally provide the instructions before or during the drill
  2. Film the drill and email the instructions to Dave at [email protected]

Coaches can then transfer the video to Dave via WeTransfer.com and the drill be added to the drill space every Wednesday morning. If coaches would like to send more than one drill, they can send them in separate files.

The ITA is committed to providing coaching development tools for members. The drill space was created to be another educational resource for the ITA member coaches. Member coaches will also have access to the recently launched Coach Masterclass which features interviews, and supporting resources, focused on preparing individuals for all aspects of coaching.

“College coaches are always looking for new ideas on how to maximize their practice time but it can be difficult to find new drills that work within a team setting,” Mullins explained. “This drill space will assist coaches with their practice planning and help keep their student-athletes engaged with some fresh ideas.”

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