Getting to the Point: Princeton Men’s Tennis Head Coach Billy Pate [Podcast]

Princeton Men’s Tennis Head Coach Billy Pate

This week’s Cracked Racquets episode of “Getting to the Point”, powered by ArrowBar, features Princeton Men’s Tennis Head Coach Billy Pate. Billy is a lifer in college tennis. He played at Mississippi State, then proceeded to work his way up the coaching ranks at Georgia Perimeter, Notre Dame, and Alabama, before ultimately ending up at Princeton.

The conversation quickly gravitated toward the many difficulties facing both professional and amateur athletics due to COVID-19. This week’s podcast also comes one week after the Ivy League Conference voted to suspend all fall NCAA sports. As Billy is on the ITA Board of Directors, we ask for his reaction to this decision, as well as for his thoughts on the many challenges facing the future of college tennis.

Billy also talks about the ways the game has changed over the past 30 years, and why proper nutrition and fitness are both more important to athletes now than ever before. He also shares steps coaches can take to ensure that their athletes reach their potentials, offers advice to young coaches throughout the college tennis world, and so much more!

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