Will Blumberg on Becoming an 8x All-American [Podcast]

Will Blumberg on Becoming an 8x All-American + News [Cracked Racquets Podcast]

The Mini-Break is produced by Cracked Racquets and is a daily podcast for the biggest storylines, results, and controversies from the tennis world. In this episode, host Alex Gruskin discusses the impending return of live tennis to Tennis Channel, the announcement of IMG’s Stay at Home Slam, and the rest of Wednesday’s news from the professional tennis world (5:57).

Then, UNC’s Will Blumberg joins the podcast to discuss becoming just the third man in Division I Men’s Tennis history to be named an 8x All-American (19:30). He also shares his thoughts on UNC’s 2020 season, what factors he’s weighing as he decides whether to return to school or turn professional, how he continues to improve as a player, and much more!

Cracked Racquets is now a part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. To get more updates from Cracked Racquets, head over to www.crackedracquets.com.

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