Men’s College Tennis Power Rankings: Week 7 [Video]

Cracked Racquets: Alex Gruskin ranks the top eight teams in men’s DI college tennis each week and explains the reasoning behind his decisions.


Another week, another edition of the men’s college tennis power rankings by Alex Gruskin of Cracked Racquets.

With multiple upsets occurring throughout the country, this week’s rankings see quite a few shakeups up and down the board. While teams like USC, UNC, and TCU continue to roll on towards conference play, others face serious questions moving forward into March. We also finally got the chance to see some of these teams play outside. Spoiler alert: Outdoor tennis clearly works better for some than others.

A quick shoutout to Georgia, NC State, Stanford, and Northwestern for the upsets they pulled off this week. Though none of those teams ended up in our Top 8, their wins absolutely influenced the composition of this list.

To get this week’s men’s college tennis power rankings, view the video above. You can also check out the list on the Cracked Racquets website here.

Here’s some additional college tennis coverage provided by the team at Cracked Racquets:

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