Colby College tennis programs will have new video technology with PlaySight

Colby College tennis programs will have new video technology with PlaySight

WATERVILLE, Maine – Live streaming, video analysis, and highlight clips are just part of what the Colby College tennis programs will have by teaming up with PlaySight starting with the spring season.

PlaySight is the only camera-based sports system to provide live streaming, multi-angle videos, and analytics. Six cameras are already installed at the Alfond-Wales Tennis Courts.

“We have been so blessed to have gifts that made the installation of PlaySight possible. This will impact our student-athletes immensely in their daily development and will allow our friends, family, and fans to watch us compete at home wherever they are,” said Colby head coach Adam Reeb. “Our focus is on providing an elite-level student-athlete experience, and PlaySight is a big part of that. We are so grateful for the support.”

The cameras are installed high on the fence at one end of the six courts, allowing a full view of the court without needing a cameraman. The cameras will give Reeb and his coaching staff a chance to easily use video instruction with their players.

“With PlaySight, we will have the ability to record every practice session and each match of all our players,” Reeb said. “It is a great developmental tool for them to see themselves playing and to analyze and discuss their stroke technique, positioning, strategy, and tactics. It will be a great teaching and learning tool for everyone in our program.”

The system can be used by anyone playing at the courts. Users can create a free account with PlaySight ( then scan a QR code on a sign on the same fence where the camera is mounted.

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