In an effort to create more awareness among players, coaches and fans about the historical significance of collegiate tennis, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) has made many strong advancements to the ITA Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Tennis Halls of Fame over this past year. 

To learn more about this year’s advancements and the latest ITA Hall of Fame news, continue reading below:

ITA Hall of Fame Social Media Channels

The ITA Hall of Fame is now on social media. To read the latest feature stories, view archived pictures and videos, watch video interviews and receive up to date information regarding upcoming events, follow the ITA Hall of Fame on Instagram and X / Twitter. To view longer length archived videos, check out the ITA Hall of Fame Archives playlist on the ITA YouTube channel.

ITA Hall of Fame Monthly Newsletters

Each month, the ITA Hall of Fame sends out a newsletter with the latest ITA Hall of Fame news and information. To sign up for these monthly ITA Hall of Fame Newsletters, you can do so on our home page under the “Subscribe to our newsletter” section.

SmugMug Galleries

The ITA Hall of Fame is continually updating organized galleries of its members, previous induction ceremonies and feature videos. The link to these galleries can be found below.

ITA Hall of Fame Features

To better highlight and showcase the players, coaches and contributors that have been inducted into the ITA Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Tennis Halls of Fame, the ITA is excited to release frequent feature stories about Hall of Fame members and their relation to current ITA tournaments and events. Click the link below to read through feature stories from this past year. 

Updated Hall of Fame Websites Coming Soon

The ITA is currently working on updated ITA Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame websites. More information and details to coming regarding this advancement.

Newest Induction Classes

The ITA is proud to announce the 2024 ITA Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame induction class. This class celebrates Louise Allen and Shelley Keeler Whelan for their contributions as players, and Jan Brogan and John Peterson for their contributions as coaches. The 2024 ITA Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame Induction will take place in Williamsburg, Virginia on the campus of The College of William & Mary. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, October 5th 2024. Those interested in attending may fill out the registration form below or contact Jenna Kane, ITA Hall of Fame Manager ([email protected]).

The 2023 ITA Men’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame Induction took place last May in Lake Nona, Florida, during the annual ITA Coaches Convention when the USTA’s National Campus hosted the NCAA DI, DII, and DI Tennis Championships. At the ceremony, the ITA welcomed Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Brian Hainline, Peter Smith, Patrick Galbraith and Mike Franks.

Visit the ITA Men’s and Women’s Halls of Fame Today

The ITA Men’s and Women’s Halls of Fame are housed in two various locations, with the men’s at the University of Georgia’s Henry Feild Stadium in Athens, Georgia (245 Burnett St., Athens, GA 30605) and the women’s at the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center in Williamsburg, Virginia (705 S Henry St, Williamsburg, VA 23185). 

Entry into both Halls of Fame is free of admission. If you wish to visit or receive more information regarding the physical Halls of Fame, please contact ITA Hall of Fame Manager Jenna Kane ([email protected]). 

Donate to the ITA Hall of Fame

The ITA Men’s and Women’s Halls of Fame rely entirely on private donations to support the growing collection of valuable and historically significant artifacts, and to sponsor the biennial ceremony honoring inductees. Your financial contribution will help significantly as we continue to honor the pioneers of college tennis and publicly highlight their achievements. You can make a donation to the ITA Women’s Hall of Fame or to the ITA Men’s Hall of Fame at the links below.

About the ITA Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame – The Intercollegiate Tennis Association Men’s and Women’s Halls of Fame aspire to preserve and celebrate the history and further the development of intercollegiate tennis through the collection of historic memorabilia and with inductions of notable players, coaches, and contributors.

About the ITA – The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) is the governing body and coaches association of college tennis, both an advocate and an authority for the sport and its members. Comprised of 1,260 colleges and universities, 20,000 student-athletes, 1,700 varsity programs, 3,000 coaches, and 1,350 college tennis officials, the ITA empowers college tennis coaches at all levels to deliver vibrant tennis programs that are vital to their college communities and transformational to their student-athletes. Follow the 2023-24 college tennis season on the ITA website and ITA social channels on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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