With the 2023 collegiate dual match season now complete, many current and former collegians have taken their talents to the professional tours where they have shined over the month of June.

Competing on the ITF Men’s and Women’s World Tours as well as the ATP and WTA Tours, collegians have accounted for 83 professional titles since the start of June as the college tennis pathway continues to produce tour ready players year-after-year.

Beginning with singles, 24 titles were won across the men’s and women’s sides of play. The 2023 NCAA Singles Champions, Ethan Quinn (Georgia) and Fangran Tian (UCLA) have continued their impressive run of play, each winning an ITF Singles Championship this month.

Former Fresno State and Pepperdine standout Mayer Sherif has played some of her best tennis to date during the month of June. The Egyptian became the highest ranked singles player in the countries history (No. 31) after winning two consecutive WTA Singles Titles in Croatia and Spain.

Throughout the ATP and WTA Singles Rankings, collegians find themselves in the Top 100 of both. In the ATP Singles Rankings, 14 players with college ties are featured in the Top 100, while in the WTA Rankings, five players with college ties place within the Top 100.

Across all doubles competitions, current and former collegians brought home 59 titles to this point in June. Standouts from the 2022-23 collegiate season have transitioned well to the professional game this summer as Ozan Baris (Michigan State), Garrett Johns (Duke), Jacob Fearnley (TCU), Johannus Monday (Tennessee), Kimmi Hance (UCLA), Eryn Cayetano (USC), and Diana Shnaider (NC State) have all won titles this month.

On the men’s side, 30 players have earned championships, including nine players who have won either ATP Challenger Tour or ATP Tour Men’s Doubles Championships. Following close behind on the women’s side, 29 players have won championships, with five of those coming from WTA Tour level events.

As collegians continue to excel on tour in doubles, 36 players with collegiate ties currently rank in the Top 100 of the ATP Doubles Rankings, while 14 players with college ties currently rank in the Top 100 of the WTA Doubles Rankings.

Continue below to see the compete list of singles and doubles champions since the beginning of June.

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Men’s Singles Champions

  • Results from events started after June 1, 2023
EventPlayer School
M25 Carnac (ITF)Lucas PoullainFlorida State
M25 Jakarta (ITF)Jason Jung Michigan
M15 Monastir (ITF)Alexandr Cozbinov UNLV
M15 Rancho Santa Fe (ITF)Colin SinclairCornell
M15 Tanger (ITF)Filippo MoroniWake Forest
M15 San Diego (ITF)Jacob BrummBaylor, Cal
M15 Monastir (ITF)Hady HabibTexas A&M
W25 Wichita (ITF)Ethan QuinnGeorgia
M15 Monastir (ITF)Hady HabibTexas A&M
Tyler Challenger (ATP)Nicolas Moreno De AlboranUC Santa Barbara

Women’s Singles Champions

  • Results from events started after June 1, 2023
EventPlayer School
W25 La Marsa (ITF)Rutuja BhosaleTexas A&M
W15 Rancho Santa Fe (ITF)Megan McCrayOklahoma State
W25 Setubal (ITF)Arianne HartonoOle Miss
W25 Madrid (ITF)Makenna JonesNorth Carolina
W15 San Diego (ITF)Fangran TianUCLA
W15 Monastir (ITF)Natalia SiedliskaSaint Leo, FIU, Indiana, Lynn
W60 Sumter (ITF)Yulia StarodubtsevaOld Dominion
W25 Guimaraes (ITF)Gabriela KnutsonSyracuse
W25 Colorado Springs (ITF)Katarina KozarovFurman, Texas Tech
W15 San Diego (ITF)Sara DaavettilaNorth Carolina
W15 Kocevje (ITF)Anna ZyryanovaNC State
W15 Nakhon Thammarat (ITF)Nicole KhirinTexas, Texas A&M
Makarska Open 125 (WTA)Mayar SherifPepperdine, Fresno State
BBVA Open (WTA)Mayar SherifPepperdine, Fresno State

Men’s Doubles Champions

  • Results from events started after June 1, 2023
EventPlayer School
M25 Carnac (ITF)Federico Agustin GomezLouisville
M25 Jablonec Nad Nisou (ITF)Sebastian FanselowPepperdine
M25 Jablonec Nad Nisou (ITF)Dominik KellovskyArizona State, Oklahoma State
M25 Jakarta (ITF)Francis Casey AlcantaraPepperdine, Fresno State
M25 Rome (ITF)August HolmgrenSan Diego
M15 Monastir (ITF)Francois MusitelliGrand Canyon, ODU, Kentucky
M15 Rancho Santa Fe (ITF)Jack AnthropOhio State
M25 Kursumllikska Banja (ITF)Federico Agustin GomezLouisville
M25 Cordoba (ITF)Murkel DellienWitchita State
M15 Nyiregyhaza (ITF)Jakob SchnaitterAzusa Pacific, Wake Forest
M15 Nyiregyhaza (ITF)Kai WehneltUtah State, Hawaii
M15 San Diego (ITF)Daniel De JongePepperdine
M15 San Diego (ITF)Andrew RodgersPepperdine, Tennessee
M25 Risskov/Aarhus (ITF)August HolmgrenSan Diego
M25 Risskov/Aarhus (ITF)Christian SigsgaardTexas
M25 Wichita (ITF)Ozan BarisMichigan State
M25 Wichita (ITF)Garrett JohnsDuke
M25 Nakhon Thammarat (ITF)Francis Casey AlcantaraPepperdine, Fresno State
M15 San Diego (ITF)Colin MarkesTexas
M15 San Diego (ITF)Andrew RodgersPepperdine, Tennessee
M15 Jakarta (ITF)Siddhant BanthiaWake Forest, California
Neckarcup (ATP)Constantin FrantzenBaylor
Neckarcup (ATP)Hendrik JebensSan Diego State
Tyler Challenger (ATP)Andrew HarrisOklahoma
Internazionali di Tennis (ATP)Boris AriasLSU
Rothesay Open (ATP)Jacob FearnleyTCU
Rothesay Open (ATP)Johannus MondayTennessee
Caribbean Open (ATP)Evan KingMichigan
Caribbean Open (ATP)Reese StalderTCU
Libema Open (ATP)Neal SkupskiLSU

Women’s Doubles Champions

  • Results from events started after June 1, 2023
EventPlayer School
W40 Monttemor-O-Nova (ITF)Eudice ChongWesleyan
W40 Monttemor-O-Nova (ITF)Arianne HartonoOle Miss
W15 Monastir (ITF)Louise KwongIllinois
W15 Monastir (ITF)Anna UlyashchenkoWake Forest
W15 Rancho Santa Fe (ITF)Eryn CayetanoUSC
W40 La Marsa (ITF)Maria KozyrevaSaint Mary’s College
W25 Madrid (ITF)Alana SmithNC State
W25 Setubal (ITF)Elysia BoltonUCLA
W25 Poertschach (ITF)Sofia SewingMiami
W15 San Diego (ITF)Kimmi HanceUCLA
W15 San Diego (ITF)Fangran TianUCLA
W15 Monastir (ITF)Natalia SiedliskaSaint Leo, FIU, Indiana, Lynn
W15 Kashiwa (ITF)Lisa Marie RiouxMississippi State & Oklahoma State
W15 Kashiwa (ITF)Ayumi MiyamotoOklahoma State
W60 Sumter (ITF)Maria MateasDuke
W60 Sumter (ITF)Anna RogersNC State
W60 Madrid (ITF)Makenna JonesNorth Carolina
W60 Madrid (ITF)Jamie LoebNorth Carolina
W25 Colorado Springs (ITF)Eryn CayetanoUSC
W25 Colorado Springs (ITF)Maribella ZamarripaTexas
W25 Guimaraes (ITF)Petra HuleFlorida State
W15 Nakhon Thammarat (ITF)Anchisa ChantaOklahoma
W15 San Diego (ITF)Sara DaavettilaNorth Carolina
W15 Monastir (ITF)Yasmin EzzatUtah
Makarska Open 125 (WTA)Ingrid NeelFlorida
Open Internacional (WTA)Diana ShnaiderNC State
Libema Open (WTA)Ena ShibaharaUCLA
Rothesay Open (WTA)Ingrid NeelFlorida
BBVA Open (WTA)Aliona BolsovaFAU, Oklahoma State
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