OVERLAND PARK, KS – For the first time in ITA history, the NAIA National Team Indoor Championships were played from the Overland Park Racquet Club in what was a day full of high-level competition. 

Kicking things off bright and early, the women got things started on day one as Georgia Gwinnett (1) faced off with Kansas Wesleyan (8), while SCAD Savannah (5) faced off with Indiana Wesleyan (4) during the 8 am matches. 

As the top seeds, Georgia Gwinnett handled business winning 6-1, and 6-0 on courts two and three in doubles before following that up with three 6-0, 6-0 victories on courts three, four, and six. 

On the other bank of courts, SCAD was working hard to fight back after dropping the doubles point against Indiana Wesleyan. After a quick 6-2, 6-2 win on court one, SCAD was able to gain some momentum rallying off straight-set wins on courts two and three before sealing the victory with a 6-1, 4-6, 6-1 win on court five. 

In the other women’s semifinal matchups taking place in the afternoon, LSU Alexandria (3) took on Xavier (La.) (6), while Keiser (2) faced Lindsey Wilson (7) for the final two women’s semifinal spots. 

As another one of the top seeds, Keiser jumped out to a fast start winning the doubles point and using the momentum in singles where they would in straight sets from courts two, four, and six. 

From the other side of the Overland Park Tennis Center, LSU Alexandria won a hard-fought doubles point, earning wins on courts one and three to get out to an early advantage over XULA. Going back and forth on every court, LSUA needed a win from court six after XULA tied the match at 3-3 during singles play. 

After winning the first set 7-5, Patricia Martinez Molina of LSU Alexandria was able to clinch the victory for the Generals, pushing them through to tomorrow’s Semifinals. 

The men’s side of play saw Keiser (2) take on Lindsey Wilson (7) in one of the morning matches, while Indiana Wesleyan (3) faced off with Northwestern Ohio (6). 

For Keiser, they set the tone from the start of singles and carried the momentum over to singles, winning in straight sets on courts one, three, and six to earn their spot in the men’s semifinals. 

In the Northwestern Ohio match, the Racers were faced with an early deficit after dropping the doubles point to Indiana Wesleyan. Not letting that phase them, Northwestern Ohio found their rhythm in singles play and won in straight sets on courts two, three, four, and five. 

Rounding out the first day of play in the evening matches, Georgia Gwinnett (1) squared off with Kansas Wesleyan (8), while Tennessee Wesleyan (4) faced Xavier (La.) (5). 

For the top seeds Georgia Gwinnett, they were able to earn the opening round victory after winning matches on courts one and two in doubles as well as courts three, four, and five in singles. 

To close the action, Tennessee Wesleyan and XULA had a battle of a match, where the deciding point came down to the No. 6 singles court where ultimately Ruben Busch was able to secure a 6-4, 6-2 victory and the match. 

Action returns tomorrow to the courts of the Overland Park Racquet Club as Semifinal play commences as well as back-draw play between the teams who fell today. Play begins at 8 am (CT) and the last matches of the day will go on at 6:30 pm (CT). 

Full results from today can be found below:

Women’s Match Results

  • Georgia Gwinnett (1) def Kansas Wesleyan (8), 4-0
  • Keiser (2) def Lindsey Wilson (7), 4-0
  • SCAD (5) def Indiana Wesleyan (4), 4-1
  • LSU Alexandria (3) def XULA (6), 4-3

Men’s Match Results

  • Georgia Gwinnett (1) def Kansas Wesleyan (8), 4-0
  • Keiser (2) def Lindsey Wilson (7), 4-0
  • Northwestern Ohio (6) def Indiana Wesleyan (3), 4-1
  • Tennessee Wesleyan (4) def XULA (5), 4-3
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