As Texas A&M is officially designated as an “outdoor host site without indoor backup,” play at the ITA Kickoff Weekend Texas A&M Women’s Regional was postponed on Saturday due to inclement weather. With poor weather forecast for the next several days in College Station, the procedures below will be followed.    

If the Texas A&M Regional cannot start both first round matches outdoors in College Station by 5 PM local time on Sunday, the regional will be canceled. In this situation and in accordance with ITA Kickoff Weekend policies, the highest seed will advance to the ITA Women’s National Team Indoor Championships. 

If first round matches can be started and completed on Sunday, Monday will be utilized for play as a weather make-up day according to ITA Kickoff Weekend policies. If matches are able to start on Sunday but are ultimately suspended prior to completion due to weather, ITA staff will work with the regional games committee to determine next steps depending on when the match was suspended. This may include completing suspended matches on Monday morning (weather permitting). Double header(s) on Monday with two complete matches in one day for one or more teams will not be utilized.

More information regarding ITA weather policies and schedules of play for Monday will be made available later today (if necessary).

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