The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) recently announced the adoption of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Tennis Number (WTN) as the exclusive official rating for college tennis. The WTN for college tennis players can now be accessed on the ITA website while viewing player profile pages.

Developed by the ITF, the world governing body of tennis, the WTN is one of the world’s most advanced and accurate rating systems for a tennis player’s skill level. Based on a 40-point scale, with 40 representing a beginner tennis player and a rating of 1 comparable to an elite professional, the WTN is an inclusive, global rating system that will incorporate player results and data from more than 150 countries. 

A player’s WTN for singles and doubles is calculated via an algorithm that uses match result data. Results provided by the ITA from the beginning of the 2021-22 season have been used to calculate those ratings, with recent results carrying more weight than older results. The more data used and the more recent the data, the more accurate the WTN.

To locate a college player’s WTN, first search for a team using the ITA team search tool or look up a team using ITA’s team listings. Once on the team profile page, select the Roster tab to view the team’s players. Click on the player’s name to view the player profile page. The WTN widget for singles and doubles is located in the upper right corner of the player profile page.

The WTN will be completely free and updated weekly. The addition of the WTN widget to the ITA website is the first integration of the WTN planned by the ITA, with future use of the rating coming later in 2023 and beyond.

More information on the WTN can be found at

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