Note: This information is a summary. Interested parties should consult the 2022-23 ITA Rulebook for official rule language.  The 2022-23 ITA Rulebook is scheduled to be published electronically and in hard copy in August 2022.


  • Minimum Requirements & format: Previous temporary minimum requirements for a dual match to be played (four players and one member of the institutional coaching staff) are being adopted as a permanent rule change. Alternate dual match scoring formats are also included for matches with fewer than six players on one or both rosters.
  • Service lets: In ALL divisions (and genders), there are no service lets. If the serve hits the net and goes into the proper service box, the ball is in play.  
  • Overrules in a one set match: In single set matches (i.e. doubles in a dual match), a player/doubles team will be penalized under the ITA Point Penalty System if overruled more than one time. In matches that consist of more than one set, the schedule of penalties for overrules remains unchanged (penalized under the ITA PPS for more than two overrules).
  • Medical Timeout quantity: In ALL divisions, a player may only receive one Medical Timeout per match.
  • Concussion Timeout: The ITA is adopting a protocol for a Concussion Timeout. If a possible concussion is suspected due to a blow to the head or trunk or the head or body forcefully impacting the ground, a health care professional has up to 15 minutes to definitely eliminate the possibility of a concussion. If a concussion cannot be definitively eliminated within this timeframe, the player shall be retired. A Concussion Timeout is separate from a Medical Timeout. 
  • Bench player interference: If a bench player interferes with the playing of a point (for example calls a ball out or tries to call a let), the result of the point shall stand. A Bench Player Harassment Penalty shall be applied once the point has ended.
  • Bench Player Harassment Penalty System: An additional step has been added to the Bench Player Harassment Penalty System. In the instances of third and subsequent violations of bench player behavior expectations, a point penalty shall be assessed against all matches still in progress. This point shall be assessed as soon as possible regardless of the score.
  • Allowable area: The allowable area will be established by the home coach and Referee. It is preferred the allowable area is completely separated from spectators and is not located directly behind a court.  
  • Tennis balls: Due to continuing supply chain issues, the protocol applied during COVID regarding the shortage of tennis balls and the use of alternate brands of tennis balls is being adopted as a change for this year. 


  • Lineup changes in back to back dual matches: Players/doubles teams cannot move ahead of more than one player/team from the previous match’s lineup as played.  
  • Resuming a suspended match: Both coaches must agree a suspended match can be resumed within 48 hours.
  • Medical treatment: Aside from changeovers or set breaks, a player may not receive direct medical treatment unless a Medical Timeout is being taken.
  • Coach Interference: Language has been added to clarify what may constitute coach interference during play (making officiating calls including but not limited to foot faults, lets and line calls). Coaches may still overrule their own player’s out call.
  • Control of bench players and team personnel: It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to control the behavior of bench players and team personnel. 
  • Player behavior: The section regarding player behavior has been reorganized for clarity.


  • Sportsmanship & Bench Player Behavior: Following a rise in sportsmanship related incidents last season specifically tied to the behavior of bench players and support personnel, the ITA Rules Committee asks that a “point of emphasis” for the 2022-23 season be stricter enforcement of all sportsmanship-related ITA rules including unsportsmanlike conduct rules for on-court players, unsportsmanlike conduct rules for coaches and bench player harassment rules.

ITA Rules Committee Members: Mark Booras (DI), Bev Buckley (DII), Brooks Buffington (JUCO), Robert Dallis (DI), Andrew Girard (DIII), Rebel Good (Official), Anthony Montero (Official), Cory Brooks (ITA Staff Liaison to Committee)

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