Summer Circuit Points Race Explanation

As the first week of play from the 2022 ITA Tennis-Point Summer Circuit powered by Universal Tennis comes to a close, it is now time to look at the Summer Circuit Points Race which features all of the week one winners.

With 13 Men’s and Women’s events across 12 states in week one, the thirteen individuals who took home 350 points outlasted hundreds of competitors from across the country to begin their summer season off on the right foot.

Current collegiate student-athletes excelled in week one on both the men’s and women’s sides of play with 18 of the 26 winners coming from the collegiate level of play.

Men’s Standings

PlacePlayer NamePoints
T1Alex Hunt350
T1Arthur Neuhaus (Santa Clara)350
T1Caleb Wilkins (Chapman University)350
T1Colin Gramley (Denison University)350
T1Creed Skinner350
T1Drew Fishback350
T1Jack Mattox (Univ. of Redlands)350
T1Jakob Mosvold (Tyler Junior College)350
T1Jason Kim350
T1Matt Kleiman (Lehigh University)350
T1Natan Spear (Northwestern University)350
T1Rishi Charan Shankar (Mary Wash)350
T1Ronit Hiryur (University of Dayton)350

Women’s Standings

PlacePlayer NamePoints
T1Alexandra Torre (Columbia)350
T1Alina Mukhortova (Wisconsin)350
T1Blanka Demicheli350
T1Brooke Bittner (Gonzaga)350
T1Emily Flowers350
T1Grace Chadick (South Dakota)350
T1Jennamarie Gordon (Santa Clara)350
T1Katie Andreini (Virginia Tech)350
T1Katie Finerman350
T1Kayla Schefke350
T1Maryam Ahmad (Wake Forest)350
T1Sena Selby (CMS)350
T1Sydney Wahl (Southwestern TX)350
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