The Florida Gators end the 2021 dual match season at the top of the Oracle ITA Team Rankings. Coach Shelton’s crew defeated Baylor (prev. No. 1) to win the NCAA Team Championship which earned them the top spot in the final rankings. Florida’s strength and depth was on display this season and especially during the NCAA Championship. During their run to the title, the Gators shutout three programs and only allowed one point to the other three. Throughout the entire season, Florida only dropped two matches which were to Texas and Tennessee.

The Baylor Bears end the season ranked No. 2 after falling to the Gators in the final. Rounding out the top five are the other two semifinal teams – Texas and Tennessee – and TCU. The Horned Frogs made a run to the Elite Eight before falling to Baylor 4-1.

The final Oracle ITA Division I Men Singles and Doubles Rankings will be released Wednesday, June 2nd.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 75 National Teams
Final Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
May 26, 2021

1University of Florida26-2Auto No. 1
2Baylor University34-590.133
3University of Texas24-678.567
4University Of Tennessee28-477.922
6North Carolina21-472.526
7University of Virginia23-368.918
8Texas A&M University19-966.587
9University of Georgia17-759.895
10University of Southern California23-759.161
12Wake Forest University29-752.798
13University of South Carolina17-1051.527
14University of Mississippi13-1147.669
15Mississippi State University18-1046.558
16University of Arizona21-845.772
17University of Illinois23-345.299
18University of Kentucky19-844.082
19Stanford University11-637.55
20Arizona State University17-937.517
21Ohio State University22-435.667
22Oklahoma State University10-1234.538
23Tulane University15-833.702
24Texas Tech University13-832.154
26NC State11-930.991
28University of Oklahoma11-1529.113
29University of South Florida17-1029.056
30University of Alabama14-1227.944
31University of Oregon17-727.525
32Virginia Tech12-1026.141
33University of Notre Dame15-1125.653
34Georgia Tech13-1025.008
35University of Memphis10-924.64
36Duke University12-1123.852
37Wichita State University15-923.409
38Virginia Commonwealth University17-521.395
39Liberty University20-718.244
40University of Arkansas10-1517.792
41Middle Tennessee State University17-817.475
43University of Miami (Florida)8-1116.993
44Western Michigan University22-216.154
46University of Tulsa11-1215.057
47Auburn University7-1514.613
48University of Denver16-414.102
49University of Michigan15-513.148
50University Of Utah18-1212.456
51University of Louisville9-1212.305
52Northwestern University14-812.077
53Old Dominion University12-1011.472
54Florida State University10-1610.977
55Clemson University10-149.912
56Brigham Young University14-69.887
57UNC Wilmington15-69.786
58Ball State University17-59.588
59William & Mary9-68.619
60Northern Illinois University21-38.53
61East Tennessee State University13-88.299
62Georgia State University15-88.295
63Florida Atlantic University9-118.237
64Fresno State20-48.212
65Florida Gulf Coast University9-68.101
66University of Washington10-127.981
67University Of San Diego9-107.96
68Elon University15-67.147
69UC Santa Barbara10-67.126
70UC Irvine10-67.03
71University of South Alabama12-87.007
72Cal Poly14-86.849
73University of New Mexico8-106.788
74U.S. Naval Academy9-16.505
75University of Portland10-66.428
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