The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) wasn’t always known as the ITA. Originally founded in 1956 by the legendary UCLA men’s tennis coach, J. D. Morgan, the organization was formed to oversee college tennis. It wasn’t until 1978 that the organization would officially be incorporated as the Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Association (ITCA).

According to David A Benjamin, ITA Chairman Emeritus, “the ITA was created due to a need for an impartial governing body to regulate college tennis.”

In this pilot episode of the history of the ITA, we chat with David A Benjamin about the early years of the organization, its formation, and how it became such an integral part of collegiate tennis.

History of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association - Episode 1

For over the past four decades the ITA has worked hard to achieve its charter goals:

  • (1) “To foster and encourage the playing of intercollegiate tennis in accordance with the highest tradition of sportsmanship and consistent with the general objectives of higher education.”
  • (2) “To develop among the intercollegiate coaches a deeper sense of responsibility in teaching, promoting, maintaining, and conducting the game of tennis.”
  • (3) “To educate and serve those individuals and groups who are involved in collegiate tennis: junior and college players, their coaches and parents, and the at-large tennis public.”

For more information about the ITA, click here!

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