The International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) new rating system, the World Tennis Number (WTN), is being rolled out in countries all over the world. This new rating system works on a scale from 1-40 (with 1 being the best players in the world). Federations covering 66% of the world’s tennis-playing population have already signed on to use the WTN as their national rating system. The WTN will be another useful recruiting tool for college tennis coaches moving forward. 

In this webinar, Heather Hawkes, Senior Manager of Digital Services at the USTA, will take college coaches through the development of the WTN, how it works, show comparisons to the UTR and Oracle ITA College Rankings, and the timeline for the rollout of the WTN in the USA and across the world. Heather will also answer any questions you may have about the WTN.

For more information & to register:

More info: USTA website

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