Dr. Jim Loehr helps you Define Your Personal Credo

Bestselling author, world-renowned performance psychologist, and Co-Founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, Dr. Jim Loehr, with Head of Premier Executive Leadership, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, Caren Kenney, lay out the case for character-based leadership and the timely importance of writing and living your own personal credo in Leading with Character: 10 Minutes a Day to a Brilliant Legacy. A practical guidebook to ethical leadership with a companion journal for developing your purpose-driven statement, Leading with Character is an immersive master class for meeting the high demands of leadership today and creating a distinguished legacy for the future. 

Among many lessons and takeaways, Leading with Character explains:

  1. Moral and ethical lines we knowingly or unknowingly cross to get our wants and needs met.
  2. How to prevent reflexive decision-making.
  3. Why personal credos are a proven method for vetting ethical decisions and enabling us to achieve a meaningful and lasting legacy.

“It has been my pleasure and privilege to know Dr. Loehr for many years,” said Dr. Timothy Russell, ITA CEO. “I have read all of his books and been influenced by his thinking and writing. Early in my tenure at the ITA, as we worked to focus our Association’s attention on sportsmanship and ethical decision-making, I was delighted when Dr. Loehr agreed to be the keynote speaker at our 2016 ITA Coaches Convention, where he made the compelling case that The Only Way to Win is with Character. 

Dr. Loehr’s newest book builds on that message and offers our coaches not only practical theories of character-based leadership but also a system for implementing the important life-long discipline of keeping written personal reflections. Dr. Loehr, as a great friend of college tennis, hits ace after ace after ace in providing a blueprint for game, set, match, championship.”

According to Dr. Jim Loehr, we “chisel our true essence from the bedrock of life, one moral decision at a time.” Personal credos not only enhance our ability to make sound moral decisions across the board — creating a foundation of credibility and cohesion when addressing different stakeholders — but define how we are remembered.

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