David Sammel is well known in British and ATP coaching circles. He has coached many of the top British tennis players throughout the years. He regularly writes articles and publishes content about sport, psychology. He has now developed an online course named Mindset College to help athletes reach their potential on and off the tennis court. David has also worked outside of tennis consulting with England Rugby and premiership clubs including Chelsea and Fulham.

In this podcast, we discuss how he teaches the players he works with to focus on the mental side of the game, how to help players bounce back from losing matches from a commanding lead, the importance of staying loose, the qualities of a great coach and much more.

On the College Tennis Coaches Podcast with Dave Mullins, he and his guests deliver the best tennis information through open discussions. Current coaching topics, trends, guests, and some fun along the way will make this your new favorite tennis podcast. The College Tennis Coaches Podcast hosts various tennis industry professionals for engaging and educational topics.

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