After covering the All-Time Winningest Coaches list for Divisions I, II, and III, it is time to honor the most successful NAIA Women’s coaches. Through the last decades, student-athletes had the honor to receive coaching advice by the most well-renowned coaches through their collegiate tennis careers.

Matt Turk, CSUN Athletics, dove into the dual match records to find the top women’s tennis coaches of each division.

To be selected, the coach must have at least 10 years of head coaching experience at an NAIA school, and it includes all victories as a coach at a four year institution.

Below are the top 12 NAIA women coaches by all-time win percentage. See everyone who made the All-Time by Victories and Active by Victories lists.

The ITA is excited to provide all-time coaching records. If you feel there is an omission or correction that needs to be made please contact Caroline Huey. Coaching records are current as of August 1, 2020.

12. Bill Heath

Institution(s): Webber International University
Win Percentage: 52.2%
W-L Record: 264-241
Tenure: 1991-2012

11. Kathy LeSage

Institution(s): Westmont College
Win Percentage: 52.2%
W-L Record: 303-278
Tenure: 1986-2013

10. Kyle Caven

Institution(s): Campbellsville University
Win Percentage: 56%
W-L Record: 107-84
Tenure: 2008-Current

9. Ryan Carney

Institution(s): Missouri Valley College
Win Percentage: 58.4%
W-L Record: 160-114
Tenure: 2003- Present

8. Alan Green

Institution(s): Xavier University, Louisiana
Win Percentage: 58.8%
W-L Record: 246-172
Tenure: 2002-2005 & 2006-Current

7. Lonnie Isaac

Institution(s): Tabor College & Bethel College & Sterling College
Win Percentage: 59.2%
W-L Record: 171-118
Tenure: 2001-Current

6. Phil Carlisle

Institution(s): University of Northwestern, Ohio, Arizona Christian
Win Percentage: 60.3%
W-L Record: 108-71
Tenure: 2012-Current

5. Andre Ferreira

Ferreira Andre

Institution(s): Brenau University
Win Percentage: 63.1%
W-L Record: 140-82
Tenure: 2010-Current

4. Ryan Reynolds

Institution(s): Milligan College
Win Percentage: 63.2%
W-L Record: 117-68
Tenure: 2010-Current

3. Uwe Tittl

Institution(s): University of Mobile
Win Percentage: 65%
W-L Record: 167-90
Tenure: 2002-Current

2. Jarred Miller

Institution(s): Asbury University
Win Percentage: 69%
W-L Record: 107-48
Tenure: 2010-Current

1. Marty Ward

Institution(s): Bethel College
Win Percentage: 79.1%
W-L Record: 140-37
Tenure: 1985-1999


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