The ITA Coach Masterclass collection of courses includes various topics — from fundraising to building your facility to team culture.

The ITA & Coach Governance

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) has served as the nonprofit governing body of college tennis at the NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, and Junior College levels since 1956. The ITA exists to empower over 19,000 student-athletes, 1,700 teams, and 1,500 officials in ways that raise the profile of college tennis, ensure the long-term prosperity of college tennis as a vibrant intercollegiate sport, and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Tim Russell, the ITA’s CEO, explains the ITA’s functions, how our member coaches govern it, and the benefits coaches receive through their ITA membership.

ITA Coach Masterclass: Coach Governance with Tim Russell


About the ITA Coach Masterclass

The ITA Coach Masterclass is a crash course on everything a coach needs to know to excel at their job. Coaches can look forward to various topics, from fundraising to building your facility to team culture. Each chapter contains a Masterclass video, related ITA podcasts, webinars, past ITA Coaches Convention sessions, and articles.

  1. The ITA & Coach Governance
  2. Coaching Roles & Transitions
  3. Fundraising *
  4. Marketing & Community Engagement *
  5. Recruiting *
  6. Building a College Tennis Venue *
  7. Budgeting *
  8. Team Culture *
  9. Player Development *
  10. Strength & Conditioning *
  11. Sports Psychology & Mental Performance *
  12. Mental Health *
  13. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  14. College Doubles *
  15. Broadcasting & Live Streaming *
  16. Sportsmanship & Ethical Decision Making *
  17. Managing & Recruiting Large Rosters *
  18. Camps, Clinics, & Community Hubs *
  19. Coaching Philosophy *
  20. Practice Planning *
  21. Developing a Relationship with Your Sports Supervisor *
  22. Running a Successful Tournament *
  23. ITA Rules *
  24. Name, Image, Likeness *
  25. Wheelchair Tennis *

* An active ITA Team Membership is required to access the ITA Coach Masterclass courses on the Coaches Resources website. Sign-in is required.

See also: ITA Center of Coach Education

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