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A winning record is every coach’s goal, but some have figured out the formula better than others. Matt Turk, CSUN Athletics, dove into the dual match records to find the top women’s tennis coaches of each division.

First, we will look at the top Division I Women coaches. Coaches were ranked by their overall win percentage. To be included, coaches had to have at least 10 years of head coaching experience at an NCAA program. The win percentage includes all victories as a head coach at a four-year institution.

Below are the top 12 Division I Women coaches. See everyone who made the Top 50 list.

The ITA is excited to provide all-time coaching records. If you feel there is an omission or correction that needs to be made please contact Caroline Huey.

12. Hutton Jones

Institution(s): Abilene Christian University
Win Percentage: 78.5%
W-L Record: 508-139
Tenure: 1997-2018

11. Jeff Wallace

Institution(s): University of Georgia
Win Percentage: 80.3%
W-L Record: 750-184
Tenure: 1986-Current

10. Jamie Ashworth

Institution(s): Duke University
Win Percentage: 80.4%
W-L Record: 504-123
Tenure: 1997-Current

9. Roland Thornqvist

Institution(s): University of Florida
Win Percentage: 80.8%
W-L Record: 512-121
Tenure: 1997-Current

8. Allison Swain

Institution(s): Williams College & University of Southern California
Win Percentage: 83%
W-L Record: 254-52
Tenure: 2008-Current

7. Simon Earnshaw

Institution(s): Armstrong Atlantic University & North Carolina State University
Win Percentage: 83.8%
W-L Record: 515-99
Tenure: 1999-Current

6. Tommy Bartlett

Tommy Bartlett

Institution(s): The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Win Percentage: 84.2%
W-L Record: 282-53
Tenure: 1980, 1981-1991

5. Dave Borelli

Institution(s): University of Southern California
Win Percentage: 88.9%
W-L Record: 263-33
Tenure: 1977-1988

4. John Rooney

Institution(s): Fordham University
Win Percentage: 89%
W-L Record: 283-34
Tenure: 1973-1990

3. Frank Brennan

Institution(s): Stanford University
Win Percentage: 91%
W-L Record: 510-50
Tenure: 1980-2000

2. Lele Forood

Institution(s): Stanford University
Win Percentage: 91.2%
W-L Record: 476-46
Tenure: 2001-Current

1. Andy Brandi

Andy Brandi - ITA Hall of Fame

Institution(s): University of Florida
Win Percentage: 91.5%
W-L Record: 460-43
Tenure: 1985 – 2001
**Currently Co-Head Coach at LSU**


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