Kristi Dosh is joined in this episode by Tim Russell, CEO of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. The ITA is the governing body of college tennis, overseeing men’s and women’s varsity tennis at all levels — NCAA Divisions I, II and III, NAIA and Junior/Community College.

To date, 45 tennis programs have been cut since the beginning of the pandemic — a number that jumped from 28 when Tim and Kristi recorded a week and a half ago. Kristi asked Tim why he thinks tennis has become an easy target and what the future of college tennis looks like.

The two talked about what coaches can do to put their sport in the best decision to thrive and the resources ITA offers its members to that end. Kristi was really impressed with the “Health Index” they’ve created for their members, and encourages other sports to adopt the same approach.

You can listen below on Spotify or listen on your favorite podcast app.

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