Brandyn Fisher, of American Sports Psychology, has a doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University. He specializes in coaching elite junior, collegiate, and professional tennis players. He built and directed the mental training programs at three of the top training centers in the country, where he worked with NCAA All-Americans, USTA National Champions, ITF players, and ATP/WTA players. Dr. Fisher’s dissertation is entitled “What Elite Men’s Collegiate Tennis Coaches Look for in Recruits and how they Assess Preferred Player Characteristics.” Through his research and work within the collegiate ranks he has witnessed how few coaches have any systematic way of evaluating their current recruiting practices, question their intuition when making recruiting judgements and learn from past mistakes and successes. 

In this webinar Dr. Fisher will take men’s and women’s coaches through his research and how he would encourage coaches to devise their own recruiting system so that it aligns with their coaching philosophy and team culture.

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