For many years, Stanford’s tennis players had the benefit of a man who was sure, before many others were, that they could be the best in the country.

Imagine a college so dominant in tennis that no other school could stand a chance. For nearly 30 years, Stanford University was that college. It was pure magic, thanks to Dick Gould.

Stanford University, long known for it’s world-class education, is home to another kind of gold-standard excellence. With 37 NCAA titles between the men’s and women’s teams, Stanford University tennis has become the pinnacle of hard work and athleticism.

Here is a look back at the most decorated college tennis program in the country and how they got there.

Dick Gould - Stanford Tennis
Video Courtesy of Tennis Channel/Stanford Athletics

Listen to Dick Gould on the College Tennis Coaches Podcast as he discusses his methods for recruiting, fundraising, time management and more. His fundraising efforts matched his winning percentage on the court. He never took the future of the Stanford program for granted. Coach Gould worked tirelessly to endow every aspect of Stanford tennis so that future Stanford coaches would never have to worry about the sustainability of the programs. .

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