A goal of the ITA for the last several years has been to create a state of the art unified technology platform for our coaches. The ITA is excited and pleased to announce that for the 2020-21 membership renewal process, we will be moving to a long-awaited new technology platform. The objectives of this new system are to: simplify the registration process and improve the user (coach) experience; create seamless renewals; maintain clean and secure data; and, integrate the membership system with our ITA competitive systems.

In the near term, the new system will only be used for membership renewals. However, incremental planned upgrades to this system will occur in the future, including the integration of the ITA competitive platform. Ultimately only one username and password will be required for all ITA needs.

In these difficult times, the ITA is working hard to advocate for all of college tennis. We are cognizant of the financial challenges that programs are facing, and we also are aware that many schools prefer to pay their membership dues in this current fiscal year with leftover budget money. In response, the ITA has decided to offer an early renewal discount for the 2020-21 membership. Division I members who renew prior to June 30th at 11:59pm PT will receive a $50 discount per team membership, and all other divisions will receive a $25 discount per team membership.

Click here to access the 2020-21 ITA Team Membership. As a reminder, here is pricing info and an updated list of the ITA membership benefits. With any questions, please contact Kirtana Bhat at [email protected]

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